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8th Canadian Infantry Division

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8th Canadian Infantry Division

The 8th Canadian Infantry Division was a Canadian formation that served within Pacific Command in Western Canada during World War II. The Division units were raised on 18 March 1942 and the HQ was raised on 12 May 1942 at Prince George, BC. The Division was a home defence unit. It initially consisted of the 19th, 20th, and 21st Canadian Infantry Brigades. In July the home Defence Divisions were reorganised and the 8th Division consisted of the 14th and 16th Infantry Brigades. The 19th Brigade went to the 6th Canadian Infantry Division, the 20th went to the 7th Canadian Infantry Division, and the 21st would remain at Valcartier, PQ as a strategic reserve. The 8th Canadian Infantry Division was disbanded on 15 October 1943, along with the 16th Brigade. The 14th Brigade returned to the 6th Division.

Order of battle

June 1942

  • 8 Defense and Employment Platoon (Lorne Scots)
  • 19th Canadian Infantry Brigade
  • 20th Canadian Infantry Brigade
  • 21st Canadian Infantry Brigade
  • Aug 1942

  • 8 Defense and Employment Platoon (Lorne Scots)
  • 14th Canadian Infantry Brigade
  • No. 14 Ground Defence Platoon (Lorne Scots)
  • 16th Canadian Infantry Brigade
  • No. 16 Defence Platoon (Lorne Scots)
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