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Year 835 (DCCCXXXV) was a common year starting on Friday (link will display the full calendar) of the Julian calendar.



  • Ragnar Lodbrok, a Norse Viking ruler, rises to power. He becomes the scourge of France and England (approximate date).
  • Britain

  • Danish Viking raiders ally with the Cornish, against the rule of King Egbert of Wessex (approximate date).
  • The Isle of Sheppey (off the northern coast of Kent) comes under Viking attack, during the Viking Age.
  • China

  • December 14 – Sweet Dew Incident: Emperor Wen Zong plots to free the court from the influence of his palace eunuchs. In the northeast sector of the capital Chang'an, after the failure of his chancellor Li Zhongyan, troops under the eunuchs' command slaughter many officials and other associates.
  • Religion

  • November 1 – Pope Gregory IV promotes the celebration of the feast of All Saints, throughout the Frankish Empire.
  • Births

  • Ahmad ibn Tulun, Muslim governor (d. 884)
  • Ahmad ibn Yusuf, Muslim mathematician (d. 912)
  • Guaifer of Salerno, Lombard prince (approximate date)
  • Lothair II, king of Lotharingia (d. 869)
  • Louis the Younger, king of East Francia (or 830)
  • Qian Kuan, Chinese warlord (approximate date)
  • Deaths

  • Berengar the Wise, Frankish nobleman
  • Duan Wenchang, chancellor of the Tang Dynasty (b. 773)
  • Jia Su, chancellor of the Tang Dynasty
  • Jayavarman II, founder of the Khmer Empire
  • John IV (the Peacemaker), bishop of Naples
  • Kūkai, Japanese Buddhist monk (b. 774)
  • Li Cou, prince of the Tang Dynasty
  • Li Fengji, chancellor of the Tang Dynasty (b. 758)
  • Li Zhongyan, chancellor of the Tang Dynasty
  • Lu Sui, chancellor of the Tang Dynasty (b. 776)
  • Lu Tong, Chinese poet (b. 790)
  • Muhammad al-Jawad, 9th Twelver Shī'ah Imām (b. 811)
  • Sabrisho II, patriarch of the Church of the East
  • Shu Yuanyu, Chinese official and chancellor
  • Vladislav, duke of Croatia (approximate date)
  • Wang Shoucheng, Chinese eunuch and official
  • Wang Ya, chancellor of the Tang Dynasty
  • Yang Zhicheng, Chinese governor (jiedushi)
  • Zheng Zhu, Chinese general and official
  • References

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