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832 Karin

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Discovered by  Max Wolf
Alternative names  1916 AB
Aphelion  3.0940 AU (462.86 Gm)
Asteroid family  Koronis family
Discoverer  Max Wolf
Discovery date  20 September 1916
Observation arc  94.56 yr (34538 d)
Discovered  20 September 1916
Orbits  Sun
Asteroid group  Asteroid belt
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Minor planet category  main belt, karin family
Discovery site  Landessternwarte Heidelberg-K√∂nigstuhl
Similar  Asteroid belt, 528 Rezia, 540 Rosamunde, 170 Maria, 808 Merxia

832 Karin is a minor planet orbiting the Sun. It is the largest and brightest member of the Karin Cluster, which is named after it. Found in 2002, the Karin cluster is notable for being very young. It is currently believed to have formed in a collision only 5.8 million years ago.

832 Karin is an S-Type asteroid, approximately 19 km in diameter.

The minor planet is named in honor of Karin Månsdotter, who was the mistress of Erik XIV of Sweden in the 16th century. In 1567, Erik married Karin, but he was pushed from his throne because of this marriage.


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