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790s BC

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790s BC

The 790s BC witnessed the surging power of the Neo-Assyrian Empire, albeit a brief moment of weakness following in subsequent decades, the further decadence of Egypt, and the beginnings of civilization with the rise of the city-states in Ancient Greece.


Events and trends

  • 797 BC— Ardysus I becomes king of Lydia.
  • 797 BC— Thespieus, Archon of Athens, dies after a reign of 27 years and is succeeded by his son Agamestor.
  • 796 BC— Adad-Nirari III captures Damascus after a siege against King Ben-Hadad III.
  • 799 BC— According to the Vayu Purana, the Pradyota dynasty conquered Magadha, starting a rule that lasts 138 years.
  • c.790 BC— Adad-Nirari III conducts a raid against the Chaldeans.
  • Significant people

  • Adad-Nirari III, King of Assyria, r. 811–783 BC
  • Thespieus, Archon of Athens, in office 824–797 BC
  • Agamestor, Archon of Athens, in office 797–778 BC
  • Ninurta-apla-X (full name unknown), King of Babylon, r. c.800–790 BC
  • Marduk-bel-zeri, King of Babylon, r. c.790–780 BC
  • Dido, Legendary Queen (and founder) of Carthage, r. 814–c.760 BC
  • Xuan, King of Zhou dynasty China, r. 827–782 BC
  • Hazael, King of Aramaean Damascus, r. 842–796 BC
  • Ben-Hadad III, King of Aramaean Damascus, r. c.796–792 BC
  • Rezin, King of Aramaean Damascus, r. 792-732 BC
  • Utupurshi, King of Diauehi, r. 810 BC–770 BC
  • Shoshenq III, Pharaoh of Egypt (Twenty-Second Dynasty), r. 837–798 BC
  • Shoshenq IV, Pharaoh of Egypt (Twenty-Second Dynasty), r. 798–785 BC
  • Shoshenq VI, Pharaoh of Egypt (Twenty-Third Dynasty), r. 801–795 BC
  • Osorkon III, Pharaoh of Egypt (Twenty-Third Dynasty), r. 795–767 BC
  • Homer of Chios, Legendary Greek Poet
  • Jehoahaz, King of Israel, r. c.814–798 BC
  • Jehoash of Israel, King of Israel, r. c.798–782 BC
  • Jeroboam, Israelite Prince, regent, and future king
  • Jehoash of Judah, King of Judah, r. c.836–797 BC
  • Amaziah, King of Judah, r. c.797–768 BC
  • Alara, King of Kush, r. 795 – c.765 BC
  • Ardysus I, Legendary King of Lydia, r. 797–759 BC
  • Caranus, King of Macedon, r. 808–778 BC
  • Agesilaus I, Archilaus (Agiad Kings, r. 820–790 BC and 790–760 BC respectivily) and Eunomus (Eurypontid King r. 800–780 BC), Co-Kings of Sparta
  • Lycurgus of Sparta (800 BC?–730 BC?), legendary lawgiver
  • Pygmalion, Legendary King (formerly joint ruler with his sister, Dido) of Tyre, r. 831–785 BC
  • Menuas, King of Urartu, r. 810–785
  • Contemporaries of future importance

  • Jonah of Israel, future prophet (according to Bible)
  • Amos of Israel, future prophet and author of the Book of Amos (according to Bible)
  • References

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