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720 Bohlinia

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Discovered by  Franz Kaiser
Alternative names  1911 MW
Aphelion  2.9376 AU (439.46 Gm)
Discovered  18 October 1911
Discoverer  Franz Kaiser
Asteroid group  Asteroid belt
Discovery date  18 October 1911
Observation arc  117.11 yr (42775 d)
Perihelion  2.8371 AU (424.42 Gm)
Orbits  Sun
Asteroid family  Koronis family
720 Bohlinia

Discovery site  Heidelberg-Königstuhl State Observatory
Similar  277 Elvira, 167 Urda, Asteroid belt, 528 Rezia, 311 Claudia

720 Bohlinia is a minor planet orbiting the Sun that was discovered by Franz Kaiser, a German astronomer in 1911. It is named for Swedish astronomer Karl Petrus Theodor Bohlin, to mark his 65th birthday. He had worked on the orbits of asteroids.

It is one of the Koronis family of asteroids. A group of astronomers, including Lucy d’Escoffier Crespo da Silva and Richard P. Binzel, used observations made between 1998 through 2000 to determine the spin-vector alignment of these asteroids. The collaborative work resulted in the creation of 61 new individual rotation lightcurves to augment previous published observations.

Binzel and Schelte Bus further added to the knowledge about this asteroid in a lightwave survey published in 2003. This project was known as Small Main-belt Asteroid Spectroscopic Survey, Phase II or SMASSII, which built on a previous survey of the main-belt asteroids. The visible-wavelength (0.435-0.925 micrometre) spectra data was gathered between August 1993 and March 1999.


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