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66th Prince Edward Island general election

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On or before October 7, 2019 (2019-10-07)  67th →
18 seats, 40.83%  8 seats, 37.39%
1 seat, 10.81%  0 seats, 10.97%
18  8
1  0
66th Prince Edward Island general election

The 66th Prince Edward Island general election is tentatively scheduled to be held on October 7, 2019, as the Prince Edward Island Elections Act requires a provincial election to be held on the first Monday of October in the fourth calendar year unless it is dissolved earlier by the Lieutenant Governor of Prince Edward Island due to a motion of no-confidence or at the request of the Premier.



In the previous election, on May 4, 2015, the Liberal party, led by Premier Wade MacLauchlan, was re-elected to a majority government. The official opposition Progressive Conservatives, under leader Rob Lantz, increased its seat count from 3 before the election to 8, despite Lantz losing in Charlottetown-Brighton. Meanwhile, the Green party, under leader Peter Bevan-Baker, won its first ever seat, Bevan-Baker's, in Kellys Cross-Cumberland. Despite the increase in the Progressive Conservatives' seat count, on September 23 of that year, Lantz stepped down as leader. On October 15, Borden-Kinkora MLA Jamie Fox was chosen as the interim leader of the Progressive Conservatives pending a leadership election, the date for which has not yet been chosen.


  • May 4 – The Liberal Party, led by Wade MacLauchlan, wins a majority government and the Progressive Conservative Party forms the opposition. The Green Party, under leader Peter Bevan-Baker, wins its first ever seat, with Bevan-Baker winning Kellys Cross-Cumberland.
  • September 23 - Progressive Conservative leader Rob Lantz resigns, effective that day.
  • October 15 - Jamie Fox, MLA for Borden-Kinkora, is chosen as the Progressive Conservative interim leader, defeating opponent Darlene Compton.
  • 2016

  • August 1 - Liberal MLA for Summerside-Wilmot Janice Sherry resigns her seat.
  • October 17 - Chris Palmer is elected in the Summerside-Wilmot by-election, retaining the seat for the Liberals.
  • October 27 - Voting for the 2016 Plebiscite on Democratic Renewal, a non-binding referendum on changing the electoral system, begins.
  • November 7 - Voting in the 2016 Plebiscite on Democratic Renewal ends, indicating mixed member proportional representation as the preferred choice for electing MLAs.
  • Opinion polls

    The following is a list of scientific opinion polls of published voter intentions.


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