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669 Kypria

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Discovered by  August Kopff
Alternative names  1908 DQ
Aphelion  3.2452 AU (485.48 Gm)
Discovered  20 August 1908
Discoverer  August Kopff
Asteroid group  Asteroid belt
Discovery date  20 August 1908
Observation arc  110.22 yr (40258 d)
Perihelion  2.7840 AU (416.48 Gm)
Orbits  Sun
Asteroid family  Eos family
669 Kypria

Discovery site  Heidelberg-K√∂nigstuhl State Observatory
Similar  528 Rezia, 679 Pax, 509 Iolanda, 625 Xenia, 417 Suevia

669 Kypria is a minor planet orbiting the Sun that was discovered by German astronomer August Kopff on August 20, 1908.

This is a member of the dynamic Eos family of asteroids that most likely formed as the result of a collisional breakup of a parent body.


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