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635th Bombardment Squadron

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Active  March-August 1943
Type  Bombardment
Part of  Second Air Force
Country  United States
Role  dive bomber
635th Bombardment Squadron
Branch  United States Air Force

The 635th Bombardment Squadron is an inactive United States Air Force unit. it was briefly active during World War II. It was assigned to the 407th Bombardment Group, and was last stationed at Amchitka Army Air Field, Alaska.



The squadron was activated in Florida in March 1943 as one of the original four squadrons of the 405th Bombardment Group, part of II Bomber Command at Drew Field. The squadron was equipped with Douglas A-24B Banshee dive bombers.

After the invasion of the Aleutian Islands, the squadron, along with the air echelon of the 407th Group, was relieved of its training mission and deployed to Amchitka Army Air Field, Alaska to take part in the Battle of Kiska during the Aleutian Islands Campaign.

While deployed to Alaska, the squadron was disbanded in August 1943, when the Army Air Forces reorganized its single engine dive bomber units as fighter bomber units and reduced the number of squadrons in a group from three to four. Its personnel and equipment were distributed among the other three squadrons of the 407th Group.


  • Constituted as the 635th Bombardment Squadron (Dive) on 23 March 1943
  • Activated on 28 March 1943 Disbanded on 15 August 1943


  • 405th Bombardment Group, 28 March - 15 August 1943
  • Stations

  • Drew Field, Florida, 28 March - 15 August 1943 (operated from Amchitka Army Air Field, Alaska after 19 July 1943)
  • Aircraft

  • A-24 Banshee, 1943
  • References

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