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5th Mechanized Brigade (Ukraine)

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Country  Ukraine
Type  Brigade
Size  1,614
Branch  Ukrainian Army
Role  Mechanized
5th Mechanized Brigade (Ukraine)
Active  17 August 2003 - March 2004

The 5th Separate Mechanized Brigade was a formation of the Ukrainian Ground Forces sent to Iraq in August 2003. Brigade was deployed from 17 August 2003 to March 2004.


Mission objectives

  • Maintain stability and safety in Wasit Governorate
  • Reconnaissance and destruction of terrorist and organized crime groups, detainment and court judgment of military criminals
  • Provide support for Coalition Provisional Authority in reconstruction of civil departments
  • Provide help with development of judicial system, which supports the rights of all Iraqi residents, and provides inner security
  • Provide support together with other organizations in rebuilding of schooling, medical, electrical and water systems, industrial complexes, creation of new work places
  • Form and train a battalion of Iraqi Civil Defense Corps (ICDC)
  • Form and train 3 battalions for the Department of Border enforcement (DBE)
  • Operations

  • Operation Chamberlain
  • Brigade Order of Battle

  • 51st Separate Mechanized Battalion
  • 52nd Separate Mechanized Battalion
  • 19th Separate Specialized Battalion
  • Casualties

  • Sgt. Yuriy Koydan - Died of injuries suffered when his BRDM-2 armored reconnaissance vehicle overturned while patrolling an air base near Al Kūt in southern Iraq on 30 September 2003
  • Private Sergiy Suslov - Died from a non-combat related injury.
  • Captain Oleksii Bondarenko - Committed suicide by shooting himself in Al Kūt, Iraq, on 19 November 2003
  • Next rotation

  • 6th Separate Mechanized Brigade
  • References

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