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50 Number Ones

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Length  2:34:59
Release date  5 October 2004
Genre  Country music
Artist  George Strait
Label  MCA Nashville Records
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Released  October 5, 2004 (2004-10-05)
50 Number Ones (2004)  Somewhere Down in Texas (2005)
Producers  Ray Baker, Jimmy Bowen, Tony Brown, George Strait
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George strait i hate everything lyrics

50 Number Ones is a compilation album, released in 2004, by American country music singer George Strait. It is a compilation of his first 50 Number One country music singles, starting with 1982's "Fool Hearted Memory" and presented in chronological order. A new track, I Hate Everything, was also included, and became his 51st overall Number One in 2004. The figure of "50 Number Ones" includes not just songs that reached the top of the Billboard Hot Country Songs charts, but also of those that topped the Radio & Records and Gavin Report charts. The album has been certified 7 × Multi-Platinum by the RIAA. It has sold 3,791,500 copies in the US as of April 2015.


Many of the songs were edited from their album versions to make all the songs fit on two discs. Many of these cuts were unnecessary, however. With a capacity of eighty minutes for each disc, 5:01 of which was left over, and 6:50 of edits made, only 1:49 of cuts were actually required. Therefore, the only alterations necessary were to the songs' export settings.

Disc one

  1. "I Hate Everything" (Gary Harrison, Keith Stegall) – 3:55
  2. "Fool Hearted Memory" (Byron Hill, Alan R. Mevis) – 2:12 (From Strait from the Heart)
  3. "A Fire I Can't Put Out" (Darryl Staedtler) – 2:57
  4. "You Look So Good in Love" (Rory Bourke, Glen Ballard, Kerry Chater) – 2:57 (From Right or Wrong)
  5. "Right or Wrong" (Arthur L. Sizemore, Haven Gillespie, Paul Biese) – 2:03
  6. "Let's Fall to Pieces Together" (Dickey Lee, Tommy Rocco, Johnny Russell) – 2:21 (From Right or Wrong)
  7. "Does Fort Worth Ever Cross Your Mind" (Sanger D. Shafer, Darlene Shafer) – 3:05 (From Does Fort Worth Ever Cross Your Mind)
  8. "The Chair" (Hank Cochran, Dean Dillon) – 2:48
  9. "Nobody in His Right Mind Would've Left Her" (Dillon) – 2:49
  10. "It Ain't Cool to Be Crazy About You" (Dillon, Royce Porter) – 2:38 (From 7)
  11. "Ocean Front Property" (Dillon, Cochran, Porter) – 2:40 (From Ocean Front Property)
  12. "All My Ex's Live in Texas" (S. D. Shafer, Lyndia J. Shafer) – 3:17
  13. "Am I Blue" (David Chamberlain) – 3:04
  14. "Famous Last Words of a Fool" (Dillon, Rex Huston) – 3:19 (From If You Ain't Lovin', You Ain't Livin')
  15. "Baby Blue" (Aaron Barker) – 3:29
  16. "If You Ain't Lovin' (You Ain't Livin')" (Tommy Collins) – 2:17
  17. "Baby's Gotten Good at Goodbye" (Tony Martin, Troy Martin) – 2:55 (From Beyond the Blue Neon)
  18. "What's Going On in Your World" (D. Chamberlain, Porter) – 3:26
  19. "Ace in the Hole" (Dennis Adkins) – 2:34
  20. "Love Without End, Amen" (Barker) – 3:05
  21. "I've Come to Expect It from You" (Dillon, Buddy Cannon) – 2:42 (From Livin' It Up)
  22. "If I Know Me" (Dillon, Pam Belford) – 2:41
  23. "You Know Me Better Than That" (Tony Haselden, Anna Lisa Graham) – 3:00
  24. "The Chill of an Early Fall" (Green Daniel, Gretchen Peters) – 3:16 (From Chill of an Early Fall)
  25. "So Much Like My Dad" (Chips Moman, Bobby Emmon) – 3:19
  26. "I Cross My Heart" (Steve Dorff, Eric Kaz) – 3:29

Disc two

  1. "Heartland" (Dorff, John Bettis) – 2:16
  2. "Easy Come, Easy Go" (Barker, Dillon) – 2:35 (From Easy Come, Easy Go)
  3. "I'd Like to Have That One Back" (Bill Shore, Rick West, Barker) – 3:48
  4. "The Man in Love with You" (Dorff, Gary Harju) – 3:18
  5. "The Big One" (Gerry House, Devon O'Day) – 2:05
  6. "You Can't Make a Heart Love Somebody" (Steve Clark, Johnny MacRae) – 2:48 (From Lead On)
  7. "Lead On" (Dillon, Teddy Gentry) – 3:21
  8. "Check Yes or No" (Danny M. Wells, Dana Hunt Oglesby) – 3:10 (From Strait Out of the Box)
  9. "I Know She Still Loves Me" (Barker, Monty Holmes) – 3:04
  10. "Blue Clear Sky" (Mark D. Sanders, John Jarrard, Bob DiPiero) – 2:34 (From Blue Clear Sky)
  11. "Carried Away" (Steve Bogard, Jeff Stevens) – 2:58 (From Blue Clear Sky)
  12. "I Can Still Make Cheyenne" (Barker, Erv Woolsey) – 4:11
  13. "One Night at a Time" (Roger Cook, Eddie Kilgallon, Earl Bud Lee) – 3:19 (From Carrying Your Love With Me)
  14. "Carrying Your Love with Me" (Stevens, Bogard) – 3:07 (From Carrying Your Love With Me)
  15. "Today My World Slipped Away" (Mark Wright, Vern Gosdin) – 3:05 (From Carrying Your Love With Me)
  16. "Round About Way" (Steve Dean, Wil Nance) – 2:50 (From Carrying Your Love With Me)
  17. "I Just Want to Dance with You" (Cook, John Prine) – 3:18 (From One Step at a Time)
  18. "True" (Marv Green, Stevens) – 3:12 (From One Step at a Time)
  19. "We Really Shouldn't Be Doing This" (Jim Lauderdale) – 2:23
  20. "Write This Down" (Dana Hunt, Kent Robbins) – 3:33
  21. "The Best Day" (Carson Chamberlain, Dillon) – 3:18
  22. "Go On" (Tony Martin, Mark Nesler) – 3:21 (From George Strait)
  23. "Run" (Tony Lane, Anthony Smith) – 3:46 (From The Road Less Traveled)
  24. "Living and Living Well" (Tony Martin, Nesler, Tom Shapiro) – 3:26 (From The Road Less Traveled)
  25. "She'll Leave You with a Smile" (Odie Blackmon, Jay Knowles) – 2:44


1I Hate Everything3:55
2Fool Hearted Memory2:12
3A Fire I Can't Put Out2:58


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