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4th Space Warning Squadron

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Active  1989-???
Type  Missile Warning
Part of  AFSPC /21st Space Wing
Country  United States
Role  Combat Support
4th Space Warning Squadron
Branch  United States Air Force

The 4th Space Warning Squadron (4 SWS) was a United States Air Force missile warning unit located at Holloman AFB, New Mexico. The unit's primary mission was to provide mobile DSP support in case of wartime.



The 4th SWS provided immediate, worldwide missile warning, space launch and detection in the event of an attack against the United States.

Employed the Air Force's only strategic survivable, mobile ground system (MGS) to receive early warning data. The 4th provided survivable and endurable missile warning detection to the National Command Authority and had the ability to survive and operate through all phases of trans/post attack. The 4th unlike most fixed units, the 4th was designed to be mobile, and deployed to any location in the world. In addition, the satellites provided immediate, worldwide missile warning, space launch, and nuclear detonation detection.


The 4th Space Warning Squadron (4 SWS), was originally constituted on 1 Aug 1986, taking the mobile DSP mission from the inactivated 1025th Satellite Communications Squadron, Mobile (1025 SCS). The Mission was turned over to Air National Guard in Greeley, CO in Mid 1997.


The original emblem of the 4th SWS was classified TSA/SECRET. USAF personnel, airman that were assigned to the squadron were not allowed to actually wear the patches. As wearing the patches constituted a security risk by identifying specific airmen with the squadron. After declassification of the 4th SWS, new patches were designed and approved by Space Command/USAF (DoD).

Azure, a globe in dexter chief Celeste gridlined of the first overall a silhouette of a scorpion Sable fimbriated Argent and grasping in its pincers an orbital ring fesswise charged with a flight symbol and an orbital ring of a lightning flash palewise both enfilling the globe Gules; all within a diminished bordure Or. Approved on 31 Mar 1995.

Major command

  • Air Force Space Command (1 May 1992-???)
  • Wing/Group

  • 21st Space Wing (15 May 1992-???)
  • Previous Designations

  • 4th Space Warning Squadron (1 Oct 1992-???)
  • 4th Space Communications Squadron (15 May 1992-1 Oct 1992)
  • 4th Satellite Communications Squadron, Mobile (1 Aug 1986-15 May 1992)
  • Locations

  • Holloman AFB, New Mexico (15 May 1992-???)
  • Commanders

  • Lt Col Donald P. Knight (c. 1996)
  • Decorations

  • Air Force Outstanding Unit Award
  • 1 Oct 1995-30 Sep 1997
  • References

    4th Space Warning Squadron Wikipedia

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