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48th Oklahoma Legislature

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President of the Senate:  Mary Fallin (R)
Speaker of the House:  Larry Adair (D)
President Pro Tem of the Senate:  Stratton Taylor (D)
48th Oklahoma Legislature
Term:  January 2, 2001 – January 7, 2003
Composition:  Senate 27      21      House 53      48

The Forty-eighth Oklahoma Legislature was a meeting of the legislative branch of the government of Oklahoma, composed of the Senate and the House of Representatives. It met in Oklahoma City from January 2, 2001 to January 7, 2003, during the second two years of the second term of Governor Frank Keating.


Dates of sessions

  • Organizational day: January 2, 2001
  • First regular session: February 2001 – May 2001
  • Second regular session: February 2002 – May 2002
  • Previous: 47th Legislature • Next: 49th Legislature


  • Anna McBride Act – HB 2105 expanded the use of mental health courts.
  • Cattle theft – HB 2304 authorized sheriffs to form regional task forces to investigate and prevent cattle theft
  • Crimes – SB 1536 created a life without parole penalty for repeat sex offenders.
  • Crimes – SB 1638 required DNA sample for felony prosecution of prostitution.
  • Crimes – HB 2836 made it a felony to steal or receive stolen farm equipment.
  • Mental health – HB 2149 created the Mental Health and Substance Abuse Treatment of Minors Act.
  • School curriculum – SB 815 required schools to instruct students in Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. "I have a dream" speech.
  • Victims – SB 1650 required law enforcement to inform victims of 24-hour statewide hotline.
  • Vulnerable adults – SB 1560 created court-appointed advocate for vulnerable adults program.
  • Democratic

  • President Pro Tempore: Stratton Taylor
  • Republican

  • Republican Leader:
  • Democratic

  • Speaker: Larry Adair
  • Speaker Pro Tempore: Terry Matlock
  • Majority Floor Leader: Danny Hilliard
  • Appropriations and Budget Chair: Mike Mass
  • Caucus Chair: David Braddock
  • Caucus Secretary: Kenneth Corn
  • Republican

  • Republican Leader: Fred Morgan
  • Caucus Chair: Forrest Claunch
  • Caucus Vice Chair: Greg Piatt
  • Caucus Secretary: Bill Case
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