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4 Times

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Released  August 17, 2011
Writer(s)  Koda Kumi
Release date  17 August 2011
Label  Rhythm Zone
Recorded  2011
Artist  Kumi Koda
Genre  J-pop
4 Times httpsuploadwikimediaorgwikipediaenthumb7
Format  CD Single digital download
"4 Times" (2011)  "Ai o Tomenaide" (2011)

4 times spot

"4 Times" (stylized as "4 TIMES") is the 50th single by pop/R&B singer Koda Kumi. It was released on August 17, 2011. The single charted at #6 and stayed on the charts for nine consecutive weeks. In commemoration of it being the fiftieth single since her debut, the single contained four a-sides, making it her first since 4 hot wave (2006).


The single came in four editions: CD, CD+DVD, CD+OLIX Digital Camera and CD+50 Postcards BOX Set. The latter two only carried the song Poppin' love cocktail feat. TEEDA.

Background Information

A short audio teaser of KO-SO-KO-SO was leaked online on June 28, 2011 and the full song premiered on July 10. The "making of" videos were uploaded to AVEX's YouTube as previews to the single. The music video for V.I.P was released August 1 and the rest of the PVs were released the 13th August. V.I.P. contains a short sample of American group Fort Minor's song Believe Me.

Poppin' love cocktail featured BACK-ON's TEEDA and was certified gold for 100,000 downloads in January 2014.

Music videos

Unlike 4 hot wave, only two of the four music videos are interconnected: V.I.P and KO-SO-KO-SO.

Poppin' love cocktail features TEEDA from BACK-ON and is an upbeat rock track, composed by the members of BACK-ON. Koda Kumi said how, after hearing and seeing her younger sister, misono, work with the band, she enjoyed their musical style and asked them for help to write a new summer song - something different from girls and Lady Go!.

The video for IN THE AIR is a smooth, soft pop song, speaking of love and how two lovers met.

Koda Kumi said the four songs were to show "one summer day.".

Track list

From iTunes.

Alternate Versions

Poppin' love cocktail feat. TEEDA

  1. Poppin' love cocktail feat. TEEDA: Released on the single (2011) and corresponding album Japonesque (2012)
  2. Poppin' love cocktail feat. TEEDA [TeddyLoid Remix]: Found on Koda Kumi Driving Hit's 4 (2012)


  1. V.I.P: Found on the single (2011)
  2. V.I.P feat. T-PAIN: Found on Japonesque (2012)
  3. V.I.P feat. T-PAIN [Sunset In Ibiza Remix]: Found on Beach Mix (2012)


  1. KO-SO-KO-SO: Found on the single (2011) and corresponding album Japonesque (2012)
  2. KO-SO-KO-SO [Prog5 Remix]: Found on Beach Mix (2012)


1Introduction ~sunny time~0:41
2Poppin' love cocktail featTEEDA5:00
3Interlude ~sunset time~0:37


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