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Developer(s)  Red Column
Director(s)  Arturo Chaves Maza
Initial release date  28 July 2016
Platform  Wii U
Publisher(s)  Red Column
Engine  ImpactJS
Mode  Single-player video game
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Artist(s)  Ali Fahmy Juozapas Švelnys
Composer(s)  MAZE Soundtrack Ananda Costa Eduardo Risi
Genres  Platform game, Adventure game
Similar  Soul Axiom, Shadow Puppeteer, Brave Tank Hero, 3D Game Collection: 55 in 1, Angry Video Game Ne

3souls episode 1 nelesa part 01

3Souls is an 2D episodic puzzle-platformer video game, developed by Red Column and consists of three episodes. The first episode, Nelesa, launched on July 28, 2016 in America, Europe and Oceania. The other two episodes are still in developtment.


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3Souls is Puzzle-platformer adventure. The player controls an Ánima character who they can help with the use of the Wii U GamePad in different ways. The gameplay is then focused on the different features of the Wii U controller: microphone, gyroscope, camera and touchscreen.

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In the first episode, the player control the Ánima called Nelesa. During the game, the player can see the soul of this character reflected on the Wii U GamePad, helping the player to understand Nelesa's feeling and read her thoughts. In the game, Nelesa can find different portals, which the player can use to connect to her world, Mustland, by using the different features of the Wii U GamePad.


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3Souls is set to the fictitious world of Mustland. The people from this world are the Ánimas and all of them wear Mask. This Ánimas has a soul that is floating around them like a celestial light and changing the color depending of the feeling in that moment of the Ánima. The mask is there to protect the soul. The world of Mustland is also filled with many portals that connect to the real world. Those portals can be activated with Wii U GamePad.


3Souls was first revealed in November 2014, by Red Column. The episodic format of the game was first revealed in April 2016.

A patch for the first episode, 1.1.0, was launched in September 2016. This patch added 2 new languages (French and Italian), a Rush Respawn in the Game Over screen, new options in the Vault and other changes to improve the experience of the players.


3Souls has received mixed reviews. Nintendo Life gave the game a 5/10, liking the graphics and story more than the gameplay. Video Chums gave the game an 7.4/10, praising the GamePad implementation but criticizing some frustrating puzzles. Game Reviews gave the game a 9/10, liking the voice, story and uniqueness of the game, but criticizing the explanation of the controls.


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