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354 Eleonora

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Discovered by  Auguste Charlois
Alternative names  1893 A
Observation arc  123.16 yr (44983 d)
Discovered  17 January 1893
Orbits  Sun
Discovery site  Nice Observatory
Discovery date  17 January 1893
Minor planet category  Main belt
Aphelion  3.1188 AU (466.57 Gm)
Inclination  18.403°
Discoverer  Auguste Charlois
Asteroid group  Asteroid belt
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354 Eleonora is a large, stony main-belt asteroid that was discovered by the French astronomer Auguste Charlois on January 17, 1893, in Nice.

Photometric observations of this asteroid gave a light curve with a period of 13.623 hours. The data was used to construct a model for the asteroid, revealing it to be a regular-shaped object, spinning about a pole with ecliptic coordinates (β, λ) = (+20°, 356°), although this is with an accuracy of only ±10°. The ratio of the major to minor axes lengths is roughly equal to 1.2. It is classified as an S-type asteroid and has an estimated size of 154.34 km. The spectrum of 354 Eleonora reveals the strong presence of the mineral Olivine, a relatively rarity in the asteroid belt.

During favorable oppositions, such as in 1968 and 2010, Eleonora can reach an apparent magnitude of +9.31.


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