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3 Hexanol

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Related compounds  Hexanol
Boiling point  135 °C
Density  819 kg/m³
Appearance  colorless liquid
Formula  C6H14O
Molar mass  102.174 g/mol
Solubility in water  16 kg/m³
3-Hexanol 3Hexanol Wikipedia

3 hexene to 3 hexanol to 3 hexanone

3-Hexanol (IUPAC name: hexan-3-ol; also called ethyl propyl carbinol) is an organic chemical compound. It occurs naturally in the flavor and aroma of plants such as pineapple and is used as a food additive to add flavor.


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3-Hexanol can be synthesized by the hydroboration of unsaturated hexane compounds such as 3-hexyne.

3-Hexanol 2Methyl3hexanol 98 SigmaAldrich
3-Hexanol 5METHYL3HEXANOL AldrichCPR SigmaAldrich
3-Hexanol 3Hexanol Wikipedia


3-Hexanol Wikipedia

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