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3 Chains o Gold

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Music director  Prince
Language  English
6/10 IMDb

Genre  Music
Producer  Paisley Park Studios
Country  United States
3 Chains o' Gold 3 Chains O Gold

Director  Parris Patton,Randee St. Nicholas,Prince (as Paisley Park)
Release date  August 16, 1994 (1994-08-16)
Directors  Prince, Randee St. Nicholas, Parris Patton
Cast  Prince, Levi Seacer - Jr, Kirstie Alley (Vanessa Bartholomew), Tony M (Tony M), Tommy Barbarella
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3 chains o gold 1993 movie review

3 Chains o' Gold is a 1994 direct-to-video film produced and directed by Prince and starring Prince and The New Power Generation. It is a collection of videos for songs from Love Symbol, tied together with a loose plotline. The film was the 69th best-selling video of 1994.


3 Chains o' Gold Prince 3 Chains OGold Japanese laserdisc lazerdisc 564153


3 Chains o' Gold 3 Chains o Gold 1994

The story begins with the assassination of Egyptian Princess Mayte's father by seven unknown assailants. Mayte believes that the assassins were after the sacred "3 Chains of Gold". She sets out to meet with Prince, as she believes he is the only one that can protect the chains from the seven assassins. What follows is a romance between Prince and Mayte, and Prince organizing the assassination of the assailants (accompanied by the song "7"). Local television anchors Randy Meier and Lauren Green were featured in this film, sitting at the anchor desk, while Kirstie Alley reported from the field.


3 Chains o' Gold The 3 Chains of Gold will set you free

At the end of the film, prior to the credits, is an explanation of the name change, attributing it to Prince's desire to be "reborn" and start a perfect life:

Upon the seventh day of the sixth month
Nineteen hundred and ninety-three
Marking the beginning and ending of cycles of creation
Prince, reaching the balance of thirty-five years,
Put into practice the precepts of perfection:
Voicing bliss through the freedom of being one's self
Incarnating the New Power Generation into
The close of the six periods of involution giving
Birth upon himself to regenerate his name as
For in the dawn, all will require no speakable name
To differentiate the ineffable one that shall remain.

Film and album

3 Chains o' Gold 3 Chains o Gold 1994

The film was accompanied by the Love Symbol album, however not all of the album's songs make an appearance in the film, and some of the songs are edited versions. The film's title song is only an instrumental at the end. However, some of the dialogue from the album does appear in the film (a phone call from a reporter, played by Kirstie Alley, to Prince). The final speech of the film (made by Mayte) does not appear on the album, instead another phone call is in its place. The actual songs that appear in the film are:

3 Chains o' Gold 3 Chains o Gold 1994

  • "My Name Is Prince"
  • "Sexy MF"
  • "Love 2 the 9s"
  • "The Morning Papers"
  • "The Max"
  • "Blue Light"
  • "I Wanna Melt with U"
  • "Sweet Baby"
  • "The Continental"
  • "Damn U"
  • "7"
  • "The Call"

  • 3 Chains o' Gold 3 Chains o Gold 1994


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