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2nd Oklahoma Legislature

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President of the Senate:  George W. Bellamy (D)
Speaker of the House:  Ben Wilson (D)
President Pro Tem of the Senate:  J. C. Graham (D)
2nd Oklahoma Legislature
Composition:  Senate 34      10      House 70      39

The Second Oklahoma Legislature was a meeting of the legislative branch of the government of Oklahoma, composed of the Oklahoma Senate and the Oklahoma House of Representatives, during the only term of Governor Charles Haskell. State legislators elected in 1908 met in the Guthrie City Hall Building from January 5 to March 12, 1909. The state legislature also met in special session from January 20 to March 19, 1910.


Oklahoma's first black state legislator, A.C. Hamlin, was among the new group of state legislators, but was limited to one term by a Jim Crow law passed by the legislature.

Dates of sessions

  • Regular session: January 5-March 12, 1909
  • Special session: January 20-March 19, 1910
  • Previous: 1st Legislature • Next: 3rd Legislature

    Major legislation

  • Legislation enacted on March 6, 1909, created the Southeastern Normal School, which would later become Southeastern Oklahoma State University. Initially offering four years of high school and junior college, the school opened its doors to students on June 14, 1909.
  • Senate

    Lieutenant Governor George W. Bellamy continued to serve as the first President of the Senate, which gave him a tie-breaking vote and allowed him to serve as a presiding officer. J. C. Graham was elected as the second President pro tempore of the Oklahoma Senate, giving him the authority to organize the state senate and serve as a presiding officer.


    Ben Wilson served as the second Speaker of the Oklahoma House of Representatives. He hailed from a town known as Cereal, which today is known as Banner, Oklahoma. Benjamin F. Harrison, of Calvin, served as Speaker Pro Tempore.


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  • House of Representatives

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