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2nd Battle of Kidal

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1.500  Unknown
2nd Battle of Kidal
40 Killed 50 Wounded 70 prisoners (According to MNLA)  2 Killed 10 Wounded (According to MNLA)

Since the foreign intervention in Mali, Kidal was retaken by French, Malian, and Chadian troops. On 17 May 2014, Moussa Mara, the Malian prime minister came to visit Kidal.


Prime Minister's visit and hostage-taking

On 17 May, in Kidal, the Prime Minister convoy's was attacked in the streets of the city. As a result, the Prime Minister condemned the violence as “a declaration of war” and promised an “appropriate response”.

On 18 May 1500 Malian soldiers as reinforcements arrived in the city after the captures of governorate by MNLA. During the capture of this building, men have MNLA took hostage about 30 officials but they will be released soon.

Malian army offensive

On 21 May, the Malian army has launched an offensive to retake the city. The fighting lasted five hours after the military camp number 1 was captured by the MNLA. After the fighting, the Malian soldiers fled towards Gao, others fled to the military camp number 2, held by the French troops and Minusma.

According to MNLA, they seized "50 4 x 4 vehicles brand new" 12 armoured vehicles and tons of ammunition and weapons.


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