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2phat with zig and zag

2Phat was an Irish television programme that was shown twice weekly on Network 2 from 1998 to 2000. It reunited Ray D'Arcy and Zig and Zag, who had previously appeared together on The Den. Following the demise of this show, all three would not appear together again until 14 November 2008, when D'Arcy hosted a Den Reunion Reunited special on his Today FM programme The Ray D'Arcy Show. Music was provided by DJ Lee and the theme of the show was decidedly tongue-in-cheek. The theme music for the opening of the TV show was a version of "On Her Majesty's Secret Service" by Propellerheads


The show consisted of 15 audience members, usually a class in school / college, who all knew each other. The show would have short sketches, which involved a question, usually music-related. The person who buzzed in first got a chance to answer the question, if answered correctly they then had to pick a title from the phat board. The phat board (a big Television screen) would then play a short section from three different music videos which all had something in common. At the end of the show one person would be selected at random from the people who answered a question correctly to play the final round where they could win a motor scooter.

2phat episode 1 september 1998

Velcro Girl

Velcro Girl was played by Tracy Sheridan, who was a model dressed in a velcro-covered catsuit, came on stage with items stuck to her, which provided hints to an artist's identity, which the audience would guess. She made her entrance to the Tom Jones song "You Can Leave Your Hat On".

Hum a Hit

A random person on the street would hum a song, which the audience would try and guess.

Pot Bellied Plop

This is a special once-off segment, where each member in the audience had a celebrity's face, and the show cut to a pot-bellied pig in a pen lined with pictures of the celebrities. Whoever wore the mask of the celebrity whose face the pig pooped on first won the round.


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