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2015 Heartland Championship

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Countries  New Zealand
2015 Heartland Championship
Date  22 August 2015 (2015-08-22)–25 October 2015 (2015-10-25)
Champions  Wanganui (Meads Cup) King Country (Lochore Cup)
Runner-up  South Canterbury (Meads Cup) North Otago (Lochore Cup)

The 2015 Heartland Championship, the tenth edition of the Heartland Championship since the 2006 reconstruction of the National Provincial Championship, was a rugby union competition involving the twelve semi-professional rugby unions in New Zealand. The tournament involved a round-robin stage in which the twelve teams played eight games each and then the top four advanced to the Meads Cup semifinals, while fifth to eighth advanced to the Lochore Cup semifinals. In both of these knockout stages the top seeds (first and fifth) played at home against the lowest seeds (fourth and eighth), the second highest seeds (second and sixth) played at home against the third highest seeds (third and seventh) and the final had the higher seed playing at home against the lower seed.



The 2015 Heartland Championship was contested by the following teams.


In the case of a two-team tie on points the ranking of teams is decided by:

  • (1) the winner of the round robin match between the two provinces; then
  • (2) highest point difference; then
  • (3) most tries scored; then
  • (4) a coin toss.
  • In the caseof a three-team or more tie on points the ranking of teams is decided by:

  • (1) the province with the most wins against other tied provinces in the Round Robin; then
  • (2) if two teams remain tied they shall be ranked according to the criteria listed above, but if more than two teams remain tied, they shall be ranked according to criteria (2) to (4) only.
  • Semifinals

    Meads Cup
    Lochore Cup


    Meads Cup
    Lochore Cup


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