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2012–13 Croatian Second Football League

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Season  2012–13
Promoted  Hrvatski Dragovoljac
Dates  18 Aug 2012 – 1 Jun 2013
Location  Croatia
Matches played  240
Champions  Hrvatski Dragovoljac
Top goalscorer  Dražen Pilčić (18)
Champion  NK Hrvatski Dragovoljac
Goals scored  602
2012–13 Croatian Second Football League

Biggest home win  Radnik Sesvete 7–1 Vinogradar Rudeš 7–1 Lučko
Biggest away win  Radnik Sesvete 1–4 Rudeš
Relegated  HNK Šibenik, NK Sesvete, NK Mosor, NK Junak Sinj, NK Imotski, NK Primorac 1929, NK HAŠK
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The 2012–13 Druga HNL (also known as 2. HNL) is the 22nd season of Croatia's second level football competition since its establishment in 1992. The season started on 18 August 2012 and is expected to end on 1 June 2013.


NK Dugopolje were league champions and earned a place in Croatia's first division, but were unable to complete all the requirement necessary for top league license. None of the teams from 2011–12 season were promoted to 1. HNL.


The league is contested by 16 teams (one more than in the previous season). Only three teams from Treća HNL were granted license for competing in the Druga HNL, but only Primorac 1929 and Zelina were promoted.

Lučko, Šibenik, Karlovac and Varaždin were relegated from 2011–12 Prva HNL and were supposed to participate in the 2012–13 Druga HNL season. But only Lučko and Šibenik fulfilled all the requirements necessary for the second level license, while Karlovac was relegated to Treća HNL and Varaždin was relegated to county league.

Changes from last season

The following clubs have been promoted or relegated at the end of the 2011–12 season:

League table

Updated to games played on 1 June 2013.
Source: Druga-HNL.hr, Sportnet.hr (Croatian)
Rules for classification: 1st points; 2nd goal difference; 3rd goals scored
For deciding champion, promotion and relegation: 1st points; 2nd head-to-head points; 3rd head-to-head goal difference; 4th head-to-head away goals scored
1Rudeš were deducted 2 points after fielding an ineligible player in the penultimate round match against Gorica.
2Šibenik were deducted 1 point after they fielded an ineligible player, 15-year-old Duje Ćaleta-Car, in the first round match against Radnik Sesvete.
According to the competition rulebook, only players over age of 16 can play in a senior match.
3Šibenik were denied a license for competing in Druga HNL for the following season and were demoted to the third level.
4Vinogradar withdrew from competing in Druga HNL for the following season and were demoted to the fifth level.
(C) = Champion; (R) = Relegated; (P) = Promoted; (E) = Eliminated; (O) = Play-off winner; (A) = Advances to a further round.
Only applicable when the season is not finished:
(Q) = Qualified to the phase of tournament indicated; (TQ) = Qualified to tournament, but not yet to the particular phase indicated; (RQ) = Qualified to the relegation tournament indicated; (DQ) = Disqualified from tournament.


Updated to games played on 1 June 2013.
Source: Druga-HNL.hr
^ The home team is listed in the left-hand column.
Colours: Blue = home team win; Yellow = draw; Red = away team win.

Top goalscorers

The top scorers in the 2012–13 Druga HNL season were:


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