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2009–10 Ukrainian Second League

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Season  2009–10
Relegated  2 withdrew, 1 expelled
2009–10 Ukrainian Second League
Champions  Bukovyna Chernivtsi (Group A) Tytan Armyansk (Group B)
Top goalscorer  14 - Vladyslav Korobkin (Bukovyna Chernivtsi)
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The 2009–2010 Ukrainian Second League was the 19th season of 3rd level professional football in Ukraine. The competitions were divided into two groups according to geographical location in the country – A is western Ukraine and B is eastern Ukraine. Due to the 2009 flu pandemic which affected Ukraine in late October the PFL decide to break for winter earlier than they originally scheduled. The second half of the season began March 14, 2009.


Competition information

Note: Relegation from the League is not covered by the current regulations

The placing of teams in the table is done in the following order:

  • number of accumulated points
  • difference(GD) between goals for(GF) and goals allowed(GA)
  • number of goals for
  • The League Fair-play ranking
  • The next tie-break is a simple draw.

    Team Changes

  • FC Morshyn – (debut)
  • FC Lviv-2 – (debut)
  • FC Lviv-2 was the reserve squad of FC Lviv that participated in the Premier League Reserves competition.
  • No teams were relegated from the in First League due to team withdrawal.

    Final Standings


  • ^(1) Karpaty-2 Lviv and FC Lviv-2 did not renew their license after the season.
  • ^(2) FC Skala Morshyn renamed themselves from FC Morshyn during the winter break.
  • Withdrawn Teams

    CSCA Kyiv

    CSCA Kyiv ceased its operation and withdrew from the League after the 5th Round on September 4, 2009 due to financial hardship. All of their results were annulled. They played three games in the League and had a record of 1 win and 2 losses with 6 goals scored and 6 allowed. The club was also docked 3 points by the PFL on August 27, 2009 due to failure of payment of league dues.

    Team changes

    No teams were relegated from the in First League due to team withdrawal.

    Final Standings


  • ^(3) Sumy completed the season but failed license attestation from the Professional Football League of Ukraine for the next season due to various administrative and financial issues.
  • ^(4) Dnipro-75 Dnipropetrovsk deducted 3 points by the PFL on August 27, 2009 due to failure of payment of league dues.
  • Expelled Teams

    Dnipro-75 Dnipropetrovsk

    Dnipro-75 Dnipropetrovsk was expelled from the League just prior to the 16th Round on March 18, 2010 due to the inability to pay the spring season dues. All of their spring fixtures are considered technical losses. The club played fifteen games in the League and had a record of 4 wins, 5 draws and 6 losses with 19 goals scored and 21 allowed. Stanislav Kulish was the top scorer with 6 goals of which 3 were scored from the penalty spot.

    Playoff game

    At the meeting of the Professional Football League of Ukraine after the season, it was confirmed that Ukrainian First League team FC Desna Chernihiv failed attestation and hence would have their license withdrawn. To allow an extra team to be promoted, the PFL determined that a playoff game between the 2nd placed teams from Druha Liha – Kremin Kremenchuk and Nyva Vinnytsia would determine the vacancy created. This playoff game was played June 28, 2010.



  • ^(17) CMS stands for Central Municipal Stadium, the name of a stadium that doesn't carry any official names, and followed by the city's name where the stadium is located. Usually such stadiums are the property of the city with a generic name "Tsentralnyi" (Central, in Ukrainian)
  • ^(20) Yednist Plysky also played at SKOR Stadium in Obukhiv, Kiev Oblast (province) and Spartak Stadium in Nizhyn, Chernihiv Oblast.
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