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2007 Guangdong–Hong Kong Cup

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Guangdong-Hong Kong Cup 2006-07 is the 29th staging of this two-leg competition between Hong Kong and Guangdong.


The first leg was played in Panyu on 30 December 2006 and the second leg was played in Hong Kong Stadium on 7 January 2007.

The Guangdong match was played in Panyu Fo Ying Dong Stadium in remembrance of the death of Henry Fok, HKFA's Life Honorary President, for Panyu is the home town of Mr. Fok.

Hong Kong captured the champion by winning an aggregate 4-3 after against Guangdong extra time.

Hong Kong

The 1st leg's squad consists of 18 players where 15 of them are from Hong Kong and 3 of them are mainland Chinese players who are now playing in Hong Kong First Division League.
The 2nd leg's squad also consists of 18 players which was selected from a 20-people training squad.
Team Manager:
Pui Kwan Kay
Lawrence Kam Kei Yu
Lai Sun Cheung
Tsang Wai Chung
Goalkeeper coach:
Chu Kwok Kuen
Cousin Yat Hong Lui
Team Assistant:
Kwan Kon Sang

(*) Included in 1st leg's squad only
(#) Included in 2nd leg's squad only


Team Manager:
Shen Xiangfu 沈祥福
Head Coach:
Gu Guangming 古廣明

* Included in 1st leg's squad only # Included in 2nd leg's squad only


First Leg

Second Leg


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