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2007–08 Guildford Flames season

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During the 2007-08 season, the Guildford Flames participated in the semi-professional English Premier Ice Hockey League. It was the 16th year of ice hockey played by the Guildford Flames and the first season Paul Dixon was head coach. They were crowned EPL League Champions on 9 March 2008 following a 6-1 road victory over the Telford Tigers. The average home attendance for the season was 1,474.


League table

Final standings

[*] Secured play-off berth. [**] EPL League Champions

Group A

[*]Advance to elimination stage

Knockout Cup table

Final group standings

[*] Guildford advance to play Milton Keynes in a two legged semi-final. [**] Sheffield and Peterborough advance to play each other in a two legged semi-final. Peterborough beat Milton Keynes in 2 legged final.

Group A

As of 6 April 2008

[*]Advance to elimination stage

12 April – playoff semi-finals: Guildford Flames vs. Slough Jets and Sheffield Scimitars vs. Bracknell Bees

13 April – playoff final:


30 March at Romford was postponed until 3 April due to mechanical failure.

Points for the 2007/08 season

Final stats in all competitions including playoffs.

Goaltender stats

Final stats in all competitions including play-offs.

  • Note: Joe Watkins (21 saves) and Alex Mettam (16 saves) combined for a shutout in the 5-0 win over the Chelmsford Cheftians on 29 December 2007 and so does not count as a shut out in either Goaltenders official stats.
  • End of season awards

    The traditional end of season awards dinner was held on Monday 17 March 2008. The following awards were given out:

  • Most Sportsman like - #37 Ben Austin
  • British Player of the year - #30 Joe Watkins
  • Players Player of the year - #14 Stuart Potts
  • Top Point Scorer - #21 Milos Melicherik
  • The GIHSC (Guildford Ice Hockey Supporters Club) voted the following:

  • Supporters British Player of the year - #14 Stuart Potts
  • Supporters Player of the year - #77 Taras Foremsky
  • Team roster (as of 9 November 2007)


    CEO Rob Hepburn Commercial Manager Kirk Humphreys Financial Controller Thomas Hepburn

    Coaching staff

    Head Coach Paul Dixon Assistant Coach Milos Melicherik Assistant/Equipment Manager Dave Wiggins


    1 Gavin Jackson 30 Joe Watkins 31 Alex Mettam


    8 Rob Lamey 14 Stuart Potts 17 Rick Plant - Captain 18 Ben Duggan 19 Terry Miles 21 Milos Melicherik - Alternate Captain 25 Vinnie Zavoral 32 Lukas Smital 38 Jozef Kohut 77 Taras Foremsky 91 Ollie Bronnimann


    4 Neil Liddiard - Alternate Captain 6 David Savage 7 Ben Jonhson 22 Paul Dixon 28 Dominic Hopkins 37 Ben Austin 55 Rick Skene


    44 Nick Cross


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