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2000 Yountville earthquake

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Origin time  01:36
Type  Strike-slip
Max. intensity  VII (Very strong)
Date  3 September 2000
Magnitude  5 Mw
Total damage  $10–50 million
Depth  9,400 m
2000 Yountville earthquake
Areas affected  North Bay (San Francisco Bay Area) California United States
Similar  1909 Wabash River eart, 1980 Eureka earthquake, 2003 Alabama earthquake, 2008 Illinois earthquake, 1993 Scotts Mills earthquake

2000 yountville earthquake

The 2000 Yountville earthquake occurred with a moment magnitude of 5 on a previously unmapped fault, about 3 miles (4.8 km) south southwest of Yountville, California in the Mayacamas Mountain Range under Mount Veeder and about 9 miles (14 km) south northwest of Napa, California. It occurred at 01:36 PDT (08:36 UTC) on September 3.



The earthquake occurred at a depth of 9.4 km on a northwest oriented fault and occurred through right-lateral strike-slip motion. The epicenter of the earthquake was near the West Napa Fault, a previously unmarked fault.


Several unreinforced masonry buildings in downtown Napa suffered exterior damage as a result of the earthquake. Sixteen buildings were red tagged following the event and one hundred sixty eight were yellow tagged. Although the magnitude of the primary event was considered only moderate, shaking was intensified in the City of Napa and surrounding area due to the sedimentary soil on the floor of the valley. The earthquake caused an interruption of power to approximately 10,000 Pacific Gas and Electric Company customers. Several hundred houses suffered toppled or cracked chimneys and several instances of broken plumbing due to toppled water heaters were reported. Transportation infrastructure in the affected area did not suffer any significant damage from the earthquake.


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