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2000 CFU Club Championship

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2000 CFU Club Championship

The 2000 Caribbean Football Union Club Championship was an international club football competition held in the Caribbean to determine the region's qualifiers to the CONCACAF Champions' Cup. The winners Joe Public F.C. advanced to CONCACAF Champions' Cup 2000.



Originally a final tournament with 8 teams was planned, with as participants:

  • Joe Public FC ( Trinidad and Tobago, holders)
  • Tivoli Gardens ( Jamaica, 1999/2000 NPL Heroes' Cup winners)
  • Chelsea FC ( Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, 1999 St.Vincent club champion)
  • Club Franciscain ( Martinique, 1998/99 Ligue de Football de *Martinique champion)
  • Defence Force ( Trinidad and Tobago, 1999 PFL champion)
  • Notre Dame SC ( Barbados, 1999 Premier League champion)
  • W Connection ( Trinidad and Tobago, PFL sub-champion)
  • Violette AC ( Haiti - replace champions  Guadeloupe)
  • This was to be held October 28 – November 5, 2000.

    However, in preparation of a 'dramatically enhanced' CONCACAF club competition, the set-up was changed completely; 4 groups with 14 teams in all were formed; the winners of which to progress to the final championship round. Of the above 8 teams, 3, viz. Chelsea, Notre Dame, and Defence Force, were suddenly not invited - on whatever criteria.

    Group A

    played in Trinidad and Tobago

    Group B

    played in Jamaica

    Group C

    played in Antigua and Barbuda

    Group D

    Original list of participants:

  • Club Franciscain - withdrew
  • Carioca FC - won by default
  • Café Sisserou Strikers - moved to Group C
  • Championship Group

    played in Trinidad and Tobago

    Joe Public FC advance to CONCACAF Champions' Cup 2000


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