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2 on 2 Open Ice Challenge

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Mode(s)  Up to 4 players
CPU  TMS34010
Initial release date  1 November 1995

Cabinet  Horizontal
Sound  ADSP2105, DMA-driven
Genre  Sports game
2 on 2 Open Ice Challenge httpsuploadwikimediaorgwikipediaenthumbb
Release date(s)  Arcade NA: November 1995 PlayStation NA: December 13, 1996 Microsoft Windows NA: August 31, 1997
Arcade system  Midway Wolf Unit hardware
Platforms  Arcade game, PlayStation, Microsoft Windows
Developers  Midway Games, Avalanche Software
Publishers  Midway Games, GT Interactive
Similar  NBA Hangtime, 4‑D Warriors, Acrobatic Dog‑Fight, 64th Street: A Detective Story, Act‑Fancer: Cybernetick Hyper We

Mame games i played 2 on 2 open ice challenge

2 On 2 Open Ice Challenge is an ice hockey arcade game released by Midway Games in 1995. It was ported to PlayStation in 1996. The game would be similar to its arcade counterpart with exception to the fact that the Winnipeg Jets moved to Phoenix after the conclusion of the 1995-96 season, thus the Phoenix Coyotes replaced the Jets in the PlayStation port. In addition, much of the team's roster was changed, including its goalie, Tim Cheveldae being replaced by Nikolai Khabibulin, therefore Cheveldae was unable to be a goalie playing for any team in the PlayStation version. Open Ice was released on PC (Windows) in 1997 featuring the same roster and teams as the PlayStation version. This game is an official licensed product of the NHLPA (National Hockey League Players Association).


2 on 2 Open Ice Challenge Play 2 On 2 Open Ice Challenge rev 121 Online MAME Game Rom

Jack Haeger was lead game designer and an avid hockey player. The lead programmer was Mark Penacho, assisted by Bill Dabelstein. Sound design and music by Jon Hey. The skating sounds were recorded by Jon Hey at the Chicago Park District's only indoor ice rink, McFetridge Sports Center, which is just a block North of what was once Midway's Chicago studios. The announcer in the game is the famous voice of the Chicago Blackhawks Pat Foley. If a team achieves "On-Fire" status (made famous initially by Midway's NBA Jam), Pat Foley's voice will occasionally announce: "Toasty", a reference to Mortal Kombat.

2 on 2 Open Ice Challenge 2 On 2 Open Ice Challenge Videogame by Midway Games


2 on 2 Open Ice Challenge 2 on 2 NHL Open Ice Challenge Stanley Cup Finals Winnipeg Jets

A reviewer for Next Generation called the game "NBA Jam on ice", and said it would be particularly appreciated since arcade hockey games were almost unheard of at the time. He applauded the game's full NHL licensing and player rosters, flaming pucks, two-on-two mode, commentary, and overall depth and playability of its hockey action, and concluded that "Williams rarely makes a bad move, and Open Ice is testament to its conservative but consistent quality games."

The PlayStation version was poorly received, with the Official UK PlayStation Magazine saying that players should "avoid the game at all costs".

2 on 2 Open Ice Challenge


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