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2 Spicy

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Release date(s)  2007
Cabinet  Upright
Initial release date  April 2007
Publisher  Sega
Genre(s)  Fighting/Light Gun
Arcade system  Sega Lindbergh
Developer  Sega
Mode  Single-player video game
2 Spicy httpsbulk2destructoidcomul143830spicyjpg
Display  Raster, horizontal orientation
Platforms  Arcade game, Sega Lindbergh
Similar  Light gun shooter games, Other games

Arcade shooting game 2 spicy ming hua story mode

2 SPICY: Too Spicy is an Duel Light gun shooter hybrid arcade game developed by Sega. The game is played similarly to Time Crisis in that the player uses pedals to hide and appear from cover. Unlike Time Crisis, House of the Dead, Virtua Cop, there are two pedals to the left and right from where the player should rest a foot. Pressing a pedal will move the character in the respective direction from cover to cover. While the character moves, the player shoots enemies. The player may also peek out of cover in order to shoot. The inclusion of movement during battles makes the game somewhat open-ended as the player can switch points of cover, as most other light gun games keep the player in a static position.


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The game is one of the first multiplayer light games with a versus mode, which takes advantage of the cover movement system.

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2 Spicy LOST GAMES 2 Spicy the arcade game that never got ported
  • Tetsuya - Standard character, wields a custom M1911
  • Ming-Hua - Utilizes dual Beretta 9000s.
  • Charlie - Utilizes a Heckler & Koch MP7
  • Laurence - Utilizes an Benelli M3 Shotgun.
  • Sicks - Utilizes a Taurus Raging Bull revolver.
  • Alexander - Capable of sniping with his scoped Glock pistol.
  • Cindy - Sub-boss who utilizes the M79 grenade launcher. Can be playable in VS mode by entering the code.
  • Shadow - Last boss in story mode. Uses a Beretta M93R. Can be playable in VS mode by entering the code.

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