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1st Iranian Majlis

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1st Iranian Majlis

The 1st Iranian Majlis was a legislative assembly from Oct 7,1906, to June 23, 1908. Its session was formally opened by Mozaffar ad-Din Shah Qajar.

Mozaffar's son and successor, Mohammad Ali Shah Qajar, became Shah on January 21, 1907. He was against the constitution that was ratified during the reign of his father. In 1907 Mohammad Ali dissolved Majles (Iranian parliament/National assembly) and declared the Constitution abolished because it was contrary to Islamic law. On June 23, 1908, the Shah bombarded the Majles with the military and political support of Russia and Britain.

Prime ministers

  • Mirza Nasrullah Khan 1 August 1906 - 17 March 1907, Constitutional Movement
  • Amir Mirza Ali Asghar Khan (1 May 1907 - 31 August 1907)(assassinated), Independent
  • Mohammad-Vali Khan Tonekaboni (1st Term) 13 September 1907 - 21 December 1907, Constitutional Movement
  • Hossein Mafi, 21 December 1907 - 21 May 1908, Justice Party
  • Morteza-Gholi Khan Hedayat, 21 May 1908 - 7 June 1908, Constitutional Movement
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