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1st Illinois General Assembly

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Type  Bicameral
1st Illinois General Assembly
Houses  Senate House of Representatives
President of the Senate  Pierre Menard, Independent
Speaker of the House of Representatives  John Messinger, Independent
Seats  14 Senators 29 Representatives

The 1st Illinois General Assembly, consisting of the Illinois Senate and the Illinois House of Representatives, met from October 4, 1818, to March 31, 1819, during the first two years of Shadrach Bond's governorship, at The Kaskaskia State House. The apportionment of seats in the House of Representatives was based on the provisions of the First Illinois Constitution. Political parties were not established in the State at the time.


It was succeeded by the 2nd Illinois General Assembly.


This list is arranged by chamber, then by county. Senators and Representatives were both allotted to counties roughly by population and elected at-large within their districts. Two counties shared one senator.


Bond County

  • Martin Jones
  • Crawford County

  • Joseph Kitchell
  • Edwards County

  • Guy W. Smith
  • Gallatin County

  • Michael Jones
  • Jackson County

  • Conrad Will
  • Johnson and Franklin Counties

  • Thomas Roberts
  • Madison County

  • George Cadwell
  • Monroe County

  • Alexander Jamison
  • Pope County

  • Lewis Barker
  • St. Clair County

  • William Kinney
  • Randolph County

  • John McFerron, resigned July 8, 1819
  • Union County

  • Thomas Cox
  • Washington County

  • Zariah Maddux
  • White County

  • Willis Hargrave
  • House of Representatives

    Bond County

  • Francis Kirkpatrick
  • Crawford County

  • David Porter
  • Scott Riggs
  • Edwards County

  • Levi Compton
  • Henry Utter
  • Franklin County

  • Elijah Ewing
  • Gallatin County

  • John G. Daimwood
  • Adolphus F. Hubbard
  • John Marshall, resigned
  • Jackson County

  • Jesse Griggs
  • Johnson County

  • Isaac D. Wilcox
  • Madison County

  • John Howard
  • Abraham Prickett
  • Samuel Whiteside
  • Monroe County

  • William Alexander
  • Pope County

  • Green B. Field
  • Robert Hamilton
  • St. Clair County

  • John Messinger
  • Risdon Moore
  • James D. Thomas
  • Randolph County

  • Edward Humphreys
  • Samuel Walker
  • Union County

  • Jesse Echols
  • John Whitaker
  • Washington County

  • Daniel S. Swearengen
  • White County

  • William McHenry
  • William Nash
  • Alexander Phillips
  • Senate

  • Secretary: William C. Greenup
  • Doorkeeper: Ezra Owen
  • House of Representatives

  • Clerk: Thomas Reynolds
  • Enrolling and Engrossing Clerk: Timothy Davis
  • Assistant Enrolling and Engrossing Clerk: Milton Ladd
  • Doorkeeper: Charles McNabb
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