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1st Canadian Parliament

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Government  Conservative Party
Third parties  Liberal-Conservative
Opposition  Liberal Party
1st Canadian Parliament
Prime Minister (cabinet)  Rt. Hon. Sir John A. Macdonald (1st Canadian Ministry) July 1, 1867 – November 5, 1873
Speaker of the Commons  Hon. James Cockburn November 6, 1867 – March 25, 1874
Speaker of the Senate  The Hon. Joseph Edouard Cauchon November 5, 1867 – May 16, 1869

The 1st Canadian Parliament was in session from November 6, 1867, until July 8, 1872. The membership was set by the 1867 federal election from August 7 to September 20, 1867. It was prorogued prior to the 1872 election.


It was controlled by a majority coalition between the Conservative Party and the Liberal-Conservative Party under Prime Minister Sir John A. Macdonald and the 1st Canadian Ministry. The Official Opposition was the Liberal Party, led by Edward Blake from 1869 to 1871, followed by a vacancy in the Liberal leadership.

The Speaker was James Cockburn. See also List of Canadian electoral districts, 1867–1871 for a list of the ridings in this parliament.

Major bills and motions

On December 10, 1867, Finance minister John Rose moved the House to a committee of supply. Prime Minister Macdonald seconded.

Members of Parliament

Following is a full list of members of the first parliament by province. Cabinet members are bolded.

Electoral districts denoted by an asterisk (*) indicates that district was represented by two members.

Nova Scotia


1 – The Anti-Confederate Party dissolved after failing to secure Nova Scotia's secession from Confederation. In 1869 its members joined other parties, or in one case sat as an independent.


Four Quebec members recontested their seats in byelections, and were re-elected:

2John Rose was reelected in Huntingdon on November 28, 1867, after being named Minister of Finance.

3Barthélemy Pouliot was unseated on petition, but was reelected in L'Islet on July 14, 1869.

4Christopher Dunkin was reelected in Brome on November 29, 1869, after being named Minister of Agriculture.

5John Henry Pope was reelected in Compton on November 11, 1871, after being named Minister of Agriculture following Dunkin's resignation from Parliament.



6 – One Ontario MP, Alexander Morris, recontested his seat in a byelection. He was reelected in Lanark South on November 29, 1869, after being appointed Minister of Inland Revenue.


Manitoba joined Confederation in 1870. Byelections to choose Manitoba's representatives were held on March 2 and March 3, 1871.

British Columbia

British Columbia joined Confederation in 1871. Byelections to choose the province's representatives were held in November and December of that year.


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