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Industry  Telecommunications
Headquarters  Saint Petersburg
Website  www.1tvch.ru
Founded  2007
1HDTV httpsuploadwikimediaorgwikipediacommons99
Type  Closed joint-stock company
Key people  Nikolai Orlov (Director General)
Services  Channels and programs for satellite and cable transmission

ZАО 1HDTV is a Russian TV company specialized in creating channels for satellite and cable transmission. The company was founded in 2007 in St. Petersburg. General Director is Nikolai Orlov.


There are over 770,000 subscribers of 1HDTV channels in the Moscow and the Moscow Region and more than 210,000 viewers in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region. All over Russia 1HDTV has more than 6,200,000 subscribers.

Company history

  • April 27, 2007 — the first channels began broadcasting: “Teleputeshestvia” (TV Journeys), “Vesyoloe TV” (Fun TV) and “Raketa TV” (Rocket TV).
  • Autumn 2007 — 1HDTV launched three more channels: “Zoo TV”, “Kinopokaz” (Movie Channel) and the erotic channel “Nochnoy klub” (Night Club).
  • August 2008 — launched “Kinopokaz HD” (Movie Channel HD) being broadcast in high resolution with dolby digital sound.
  • September 2008 — rebranded the children’s channel “Raketa TV” into “Teen TV”, the first TV channel in Russia for teenagers.
  • Summer 2009 — 1HDTV launched new channels: “Kinopokaz HD-1” (Movie Channel HD-1), “Kinopokaz HD-2” (Movie Channel HD-2), “Teleputeshestvia HD” (TV Journeys HD), “High Life HD”.
  • Autumn 2009 — the company concluded agreements with the BBC, the Walt Disney Company, 20th Century Fox and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM). Due to this collaboration, the company expanded a variety of broadcasts for TV Journeys HD and the film channels.
  • February 2010 — “Teleputeshestvia HD” was awarded the Big Digital (the first national prize for multi-channel digital TV; in category for New Russian TV) and was nominated for the Best HD TV Channel.
  • Spring 2010 — the company concluded agreements with Home Box Office (HBO), NBC Universal (NBCU) and Paramount Pictures Corporation to show films.
  • July 2010 — test broadcasting "Zagorodny" (Country) and "Diskoteka TV" (Disco TV) started.
  • February 2011 - in a test mode mobile operator MTS launched broadcasting channel «Look TV».
  • December 2011 - the launch of a new project of Internet TV "TV World".
  • January 1, 2012 - closing the channel High Life HD.
  • June 1, 2012 - closing channel "Disco TV".
  • December 12, 2012 - Launch of a new channel for men in high definition Hunter and Fisher HD (Russian: Охотник и рыболов HD).
  • 1HDTV standard definition (SD) television channels

    “Teleputeshestvia” (TV Journeys) – Russian and international programs about travel, and also a series of exclusive programs about the Russian travellers and cities. The channel also broadcasts its own in-house programs.

    “Zoo TV” – a TV channel about animals. The channel broadcasts programs and films, where you can learn about the natural habitats of wild animals and get advice from specialists about looking after your pets. The channel also broadcasts its own in-house programs.

    “Ohotnik i rybolov” (Huntsman and Fisherman) – presents the best Russian and international hunting and fishing films, hunting and fishing expeditions around the globe and practical advice from leading experts. The channel also broadcasts its home-produced programs.

    “Teen TV” – is the first TV channel in Russia for teenagers, broadcasting films about youth, informational programs relevant to the teens' environment, the latest youth cult serial and anime films. The channel also broadcasts its own in-house programs.

    “Kinopokaz” (Movie Channel) – a TV channel for fans of cinematography. The channel introduces viewers to a full range of foreign genre films.

    “Nochnoy klub” (Night Club) – only clubs, introduction to international exhibitions of erotic products, discussions of relationship issues.

    “Zagorodny” (Country) – a full-time informational channel for 'dacha' owners. You can receive practical advice for your residential care: dacha construction, basic landscape design, growing plants and flowers.

    “Diskoteka TV” (Disco TV) – a channel dedicated to 1980s-1990s music. The channel presents the best Soviet, or Russian, and foreign pop and rock groups of that period. Part of the broadcast time is dedicated to the documentary films, taken from the 1990s to the present day, about the groups and musicians.


    SD Broadcasting is carried out using Tricolor TV service
    Satellite: Eutelsat W4 (36 E), Bonum-1 (56 E)

    HD Broadcasting is carried out using the Platform-HD operator (through the cable network operating system for charged viewing; via IP-networks)
    Satellite: Eurobird 9A (9 E).

    In-house programming

  • “Kinopokaz predstavlyaet” (Movie Channel Presents)
  • “Kinoseans” (Movietime)
  • “Ya tam byl” (I was there!)
  • “Otpusk bez problem” (Trouble Free Holidays)
  • “Puteshestvuem vmeste” (Travelling Together)
  • “Deti protiv Vzroslyh” (Children vs. Adults)
  • “Smotri na menya!” (Look at me!)
  • “Entsyklopedia professy” (Professional Encyclopaedia)
  • “Teen Bowl”
  • “Street Time”
  • “Teen club”
  • “Zooakademia” (Zoo Academy)
  • “Koshachy alfavit” (Cat’s Alphabet)
  • “Sobachye delo” (Dog’s Business)
  • “My zabotimsya” (We take care of...)
  • “Web-zoopark” (Web Zoo)
  • “V kurse dela” (In the swim)
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