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1999 in science

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1999 in science

The year 1999 in science and technology involved some significant events.



  • February 27 – While trying to circumnavigate the world in a hot air balloon, Colin Prescot and Andy Elson set a new endurance record after being in their balloon for 233 hours and 55 minutes.
  • March 3–20 – Bertrand Piccard and Brian Jones successfully complete a non-stop circumnavigation of the world in a hot air balloon.
  • Astronomy and space exploration

  • January 31 – A total penumbral lunar eclipse
  • February 7 – Stardust is launched on a mission to collect samples of a comet coma, and return them to Earth.
  • February 16 – Annular solar eclipse, visible from Australia.
  • July 20 – Mercury program: Liberty Bell 7 is raised from the Atlantic Ocean.
  • July 28 – Partial lunar eclipse, visible from Australia, eastern Asia, and western North America.
  • July 31 – NASA intentionally crashes the Lunar Prospector spacecraft into the Moon, thus ending its mission to detect frozen water on the moon's surface.
  • August 11 – Total solar eclipse, visible from Europe, across the Middle East, and ending in India.
  • December 16 – The Beethoven Burst (GRB 991216) is one of the most powerful detected Gamma-ray bursts.
  • NASA loses two Mars probes, the Mars Climate Orbiter and the Mars Polar Lander.
  • The Subaru 8.3 m and Gemini North 8.1 m reflecting telescopes open at the Mauna Kea Observatory in Hawaii.
  • The Cetus Dwarf galaxy is discovered.
  • Biology

  • November 1 – Agreement on the Conservation of African-Eurasian Migratory Waterbirds comes into force.
  • The bacterium Thiomargarita namibiensis is discovered off the coast of Namibia. At 0.3mm in diameter, it is largest bacteria yet discovered.
  • Chemistry

  • Elements 118 and 116 are claimed to be made for the first time. Later retracted when results could not be replicated.
  • Computer science

  • March 26 – The Melissa worm attacks the Internet.
  • June – RFC 2616 defines HTTP/1.1, the version of Hypertext Transfer Protocol in common use.
  • September 21 – David Bowie's Hours becomes the first complete music album by a major artist available to download over the Internet in advance of the physical release.
  • First working 3-qubit NMR computer demonstrated at IBM's Almaden Research Center. First execution of Grover's algorithm.
  • Geology

  • January 25 – A 6.0 Richter scale hits western Colombia, killing at least 1,000.
  • August 17 – The 7.6 Mw İzmit earthquake shakes northwestern Turkey with a maximum Mercalli intensity of IX (Violent), leaving 17,118–17,127 dead and 43,953–50,000 injured.
  • Mathematics

  • Eric M. Rains and Neil Sloane extend tree counting.
  • Paleontology

  • First fossil of Kenyanthropus Pliocene hominin discovered in Lake Turkana, Kenya.
  • Physics

  • CERN: Bulgaria becomes a member of CERN.
  • Physiology and medicine

  • Huda Zoghbi demonstrates that Rett syndrome is caused by mutations in the gene MECP2.
  • Telecommunications

  • The first BlackBerry is released, using the same hardware as the Inter@ctive pager 950, and running on the Mobitex network.
  • Awards

  • Nobel Prizes
  • Physics – Gerardus 't Hooft, Martinus J.G. Veltman
  • Chemistry – Ahmed H. Zewail
  • Medicine – Günter Blobel
  • Turing Award: Fred Brooks
  • Wollaston Medal for Geology: John Frederick Dewey
  • Deaths

  • February 21 – Gertrude B. Elion (b. 1918), American pharmacologist, Nobel laureate in Physiology or Medicine.
  • February 25 – Glenn T. Seaborg (b. 1912), American physical chemist, Nobel laureate in Chemistry.
  • April 18 -- Albert Einstein
  • April 28 – Arthur Leonard Schawlow (b. 1921), American physicist, Nobel laureate in Physicist.
  • May 8 – Edward Abraham (b. 1913), English biochemist.
  • May 26 – Waldo Semon (b. 1898), American inventor.
  • July 8 – Pete Conrad (b. 1930), American astronaut.
  • November 11 – Vivian Fuchs (b. 1908), English geologist and explorer.
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