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1999 Canadian Professional Soccer League season

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Champions  Toronto Olympians
Biggest home win  TO 11-1 NYA
Dates  28 May 1999 – 2 Oct 1999
Goals scored  225
Regular Season title  Toronto Olympians
Biggest away win  YRS 1-7 TO
Champion  Durham Storm
Matches played  56
1999 Canadian Professional Soccer League season
Top goalscorer  Eddy Berdusco (Toronto Olympians)
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The 1999 Canadian Professional Soccer League season was the 2nd season for the Canadian Professional Soccer League. The season began on May 28, 1999, and concluded on October 2, 1999, with Toronto Olympians defeating Toronto Croatia 2-0 to claim their first CPSL Championship. During the season the Olympians made history by becoming the first club in the leagues history to achieve a treble. For the second straight season they went undefeated for the entire season. The league also introduced their first All-Star match where the CPSL All-Stars faced the CSA Development team.


Changes from 1998 season

All founding members of the CPSL returned with the exception of Mississauga Eagles P.S.C.. The newest addition to the league were expansion franchise the Oshawa Flames. Other changes were Glen Shields changing their name to Glen Shields Sun Devils, and the York Region Shooters moving to Richmond Hill, Ontario.

Final standings

Updated to games played on September 23, 1999.
Source: http://www.rocketrobinsoccerintoronto.com/99cpw17b.htm
Rules for classification: 1) points; 2) goal difference; 3) number of goals scored
(C) = Champion; (R) = Relegated; (P) = Promoted; (E) = Eliminated; (O) = Play-off winner; (A) = Advances to a further round.
Only applicable when the season is not finished:
(Q) = Qualified to the phase of tournament indicated; (TQ) = Qualified to tournament, but not yet to the particular phase indicated; (RQ) = Qualified to the relegation tournament indicated; (DQ) = Disqualified from tournament.
Green indicates playoff berth clinched


The top 4 teams qualified for a one-game semifinal that led to the championship game played on October 2 at Oshawa Civic Stadium in Oshawa, Ontario.

All-Star Game

The leagues first-ever all-star game was played on September 26, 1999. The CPSL All-Star team was selected from the six remaining clubs that didn't compete in the Canada Cup final, which excluded players from the Toronto Olympians and Toronto Croatia. The Canada Development team featured players from the CSA National Training Centre which consisted of senior national team players with a mix of young prospects with USL A-League experience.

1999 scoring leaders

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