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1998 Occidental Petroleum Boeing 737 crash

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Passengers  80
Fatalities  75
Aircraft type  Boeing 737-282
Date  5 May 1998
Operator  Occidental Petroleum
Passenger count  80
Crew  8
Survivors  13
Registration  FAP-351
Number of deaths  75
Survivor  13
1998 Occidental Petroleum Boeing 737 crash httpsuploadwikimediaorgwikipediacommonsthu
Destinations  Alférez FAP Alfredo Vladimir Sara Bauer Airport, Andoas
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On 5 May 1998 an Boeing 737-282, leased from the Fuerza Aérea del Perú (Peruvian Air Force) and servicing a charter flight for Occidental Petroleum, crashed in rainy weather whilst on approach to Andoas Peru, killing 75 people on board; eleven passengers and two crew members survived.

Occidental Petroleum chartered the aircraft to transport workers to the Andoas oil field. The aircraft was registered as FAP-351 (c/n 23041 / m/n 962) and had only entered service with the Peruvian Air Force a few weeks before the crash.


The aircraft crashed around 21:30 local time while on an NDB approach to Alférez FAP Alfredo Vladimir Sara Bauer Airport at Andoas. The aircraft crashed 3 miles short of Andoas. It was scheduled to arrive at Andoas at 21:17 local time.

Medical teams were delayed more than a day in reaching the crash site due to poor weather, with the survivors being carried on stretchers in torrential rain to a medical post in Andoas because the weather prevented their evacuation by helicopter. Later a Peruvian Air Force Boeing 737 rescue aircraft flew to Andoas, carrying a medical team, crash experts and police investigators.


1998 Occidental Petroleum Boeing 737 crash Wikipedia

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