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1998 Chilean telethon

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1998 Chilean telethon
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The 1998 Chilean telethon (December 4-5, 1988) was the 15th version of the solidarity campaign conducted in Chile. The theme of this version was "We All Matter." Happily surpassing the target, raising CL$ 6,029,912,577 (Total at 00:57 on December 6, delivered at the National Stadium of Chile). the poster girl was Scarlett Barrientos. This edition was performed after 24 months without Telethon, because in December 1997 Chilean parliamentary elections were held.


As a curiosity, TVN had a strike during the buildup to the show. It was due to proposed salary reductions affecting all employees of the state channel. The strike caused Channel 13 to send their cameramen to cover the transmission with TVN cameras, otherwise it would have had to suspend nearly half of the show. Mario Kreutzberger, in an interview on Teletrece, thanked Channel 13 for carrying out this action. However, state television reached an agreement at 0:00 on December 6, 1998, almost when the Telethon was finished.

"Let me take this moment to give special thanks to Channel 13, not because I belong to Channel 13, but because Channel 13 at the last minute covered much of the transmission with equipment that if we had not had, we would have had to suspend nearly half the show for reasons everybody knows."

Two countries with the same dream

In that year, 1998, it was a coincidence that just as Chile was making the 15th Telethon, in Mexico on the same day the 2nd edition of the Mexican Telethon was being made, with the famous artist and singer Lucero as leading entertainer. This permitted three contacts to be made between the two programs via satellite, these link-ups were made at 03:00, 11:30, and 18:30, Chile Summer Time (GMT-3), on December 5. During these links, both countries mutually dedicated songs of encouragement to motivate both the Chilean and the Mexican public, in addition the entertainers exchanged information about the progress of their collections.

National singers

  • Illapu
  • Myriam Hernández
  • Adrián y los Dados Negros
  • Mala Junta
  • Alberto Plaza
  • Luis Jara
  • Sexual Democracia
  • Chancho en Piedra
  • Nicole
  • Javiera Parra
  • Canal Magdalena
  • La Sociedad
  • Lucho Gatica
  • Lorena
  • Rachel
  • Douglas
  • Sonora Palacios
  • Los Bandoleros de Teno
  • International singers

  • Gloria Estefan
  • Paolo Meneguzzi
  • Vicky Carr
  • Pimpinela
  • Charlie Zaa
  • Antonio Ríos
  • El Símbolo
  • Carlos Ponce
  • Sandy y Papo
  • Chris Durán
  • Ilegales
  • Raul Di Blasio
  • Chichí Peralta
  • Ataque 77
  • Celia Cruz
  • Ricardo Montaner
  • Ana Bárbara
  • Marco Antonio Solís
  • Comedians

  • Coco Legrand
  • Álvaro Salas
  • CNN Carlos Nuñez
  • Luciano Bello
  • La Vicky y la Gaby
  • Jorge "Chino" Navarrete
  • Bombo Fica
  • Hermogenes Conache
  • Checho Hirane
  • Ricardo Meruane
  • Che Copete
  • Children's section

  • Cachureos
  • Profesor Rossa
  • Los Tachuelas
  • Mundo Mágico
  • Adult's section

  • Miss Telethon was held on 98, the candidates were:
  • Andrea Ramírez
  • Gloria Aros
  • Jessica Abudinen
  • Pachi
  • Rocío Ravest
  • Carla Ochoa
  • Ingrid Cruz
  • Helvecia Viera as Rica Evangelista
  • Transmission

  • Telenorte
  • Canal 2
  • La Red
  • UCV Televisión
  • Televisión Nacional de Chile
  • Megavisión
  • Chilevisión
  • Universidad Católica de Chile Televisión
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