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1996 in video gaming

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1996 in video gaming


  • May 16–18 — The second annual E3 is held in Los Angeles, California, United States.
  • Hardware

  • February 21 — Sega Model 3, an arcade system board considered to have the most technically impressive graphics at the time
  • November 23 — Bandai's Tamagotchi virtual pet handheld
  • Nintendo's Nintendo 64, the first true 64-bit home console
  • Nintendo's Game Boy Pocket (GBP) handheld console (30% smaller version of the previous Game Boy handheld console)
  • Sega's Net Link modem for the Sega Saturn home console
  • SNK's Neo Geo CDZ (Japan only)
  • Namco's Alpine Racer arcade game, including a new type of user interface
  • Business

  • February — Blizzard Entertainment acquires a development group known as Condor, renaming it Blizzard North
  • February 13 — Atari Corporation announces a plan to merge with JTS Corp.
  • April — Eidos Interactive acquires CentreGold plc, which holds Core Design (creator of the Lara Croft character) and U.S. Gold
  • May 1 — GameSpot and GameFAQs are launched
  • June — Firaxis Games is formed By Jeff Briggs with Sid Meier and Brian Reynolds
  • July — GT Interactive purchases Humongous Entertainment
  • July 24 — CUC International, Inc purchases Sierra On-Line, Blizzard Entertainment and Davidson & Associates for about $3 billion in a stock swap.
  • August 6 — AOL buys Sierra's ImagiNation Network from AT&T for a reported $15m.
  • August 24 — Valve Corporation is founded.
  • September 1 — AOL closes ImagiNation Network, the first online video game with graphics, after 5 years of service.
  • November 13 — Tom Clancy and Virtus Corp. found Red Storm Entertainment, headed by Doug Littlejohns
  • Infogrames Entertainment SA acquires Ocean Software Ltd.
  • Midway Games, Inc. (subsidiary of WMS Industries, formerly known as Williams Electronics) acquires Atari Games Corp. from Warner Communications Inc. (AOL Time Warner in 2000)
  • Technos Japan Corporation, originator of the Nekketsu Kouha Kunio Kun series and Double Dragon series, goes out of business (assets acquired by Atlus Corporation)
  • Black Isle Studios forms as a division by Interplay; doesn't use Black Isle name until 1998
  • Game Park Inc. founded in South Korea
  • The company formed by MicroProse and Spectrum HoloByte in 1993 starts branding using only the MicroProse name
  • Overworks, Ltd. formed
  • Zed Two Limited formed
  • Nintendo of America, Inc. v. Computer & Entertainment, Inc.
  • The 3DO Company purchases New World Computing
  • Discontinual

  • Nintendo's Virtual Boy failed and the Atari Jaguar, and 3DO Interactive Multiplayer was discontinued.
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