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1994–95 Ukrainian Third League

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Season  1995–96
Champion  FC CSKA Kyiv
Champions  CSKA Kyiv
Top goalscorer  24 – M.Kovalchuk (CSKA) V.Pobehayev (Systema)
Relegated  FC Tavriya Novotroitske, FC Shakhtar Horlivka
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Ukrainian Third League 1994-95 was the last season of the experimental Third League. For the following year the league was consolidated into the Druha Liha. All the teams that placed above 17thplace were welcome to apply for participation in the Druha Liha along with any successful amateur teams.


The season started on August 14, 1994, with the final round being played on July 2, 1995. The newly reformed CSKA won the top awards. However, those medals were snatched from under the nose of the leading Nyva Myronivka who were in the lead with only two rounds to go. Those, together with the Tysmenytsia men, were the main challengers for the gold by the end of the season. This was the last year that the relegated clubs left the league and if Shakhtar Stakhanov was showing some determination for a victory, Zalishchyky were pretty much forced out of the league by various circumstances, such as poor performance.

Final standings


  • Dnister, Fetrovyk, Lada, and Sula withdrew from the league.
  • Hart changed its name to Systema-Borex
  • CSK ZSU changed its name to CSKA
  • Avanhard-Industiya was known simply as Avanhard
  • Skify-LAZ was known as LAZ
  • Legend

    (+) or (-), in Misc column, identifies how a certain club ended up in this League. (-) means demoted from the Second League, (+) means promoted from the amateurs.

    Top scorers

  • M.Kovalchuk (CSKA) - 24
  • V.Pobehayev (Systema) - 24
  • V.Vus (CSKA) - 17
  • O.Dovhalets (Advis) - 15
  • I.Shylo (Avanhard-Ind) - 15
  • S.Furik (Advis) - 13
  • V.Kozachenko (Avanhard-Ind) - 13
  • Transimpeks-Slavutych situation

    The recently promoted Transimpeks was based in Vyshneve, then the club moved to Trezine where it changed its name to Transimpeks-Ros-2 (as a second team for FC Ros Bila Tserkva). Both clubs went through some financial difficulties and Transimpeks ended up with the greater impact. The administration of Ros could not afford another team and replaced it with amateurs from Kiev Oblast. Skhid Slavutych this season was competing in the amateur competitions, at first being situated in Yahotyn and later relocating all the way to Slavutych. By the end of the season Skhid Slavutych was promoted to the Third League to replace the "purged" Transimpeks, forfeiting all its games in the amateur competitions. Skhid, however, managed not to get relegated and was allowed to be promoted to the Second League becoming a professional club. In four of its games Skhid earned four points by winning one home game in Slvutych and earning a drew in Bilhorod.


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