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1992 Manchester bombing

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Target  Business, Civilians
Suspected perpetrators  Provisional IRA
Total number of deaths  0
Non-fatal injuries  65
Start date  December 4, 1992
Attack types  Car bomb, Time bomb
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Location  Manchester, United Kingdom
Suspected perpetrator  Provisional Irish Republican Army
Similar  RFA Fort Victoria bombing, 1983 Royal Artillery Barracks, London Hilton bombing, Glenanne barracks bombing, 1971 Balmoral Furniture

The 1992 Manchester bombing was an attack by the Provisional IRA in December 1992. Two bombs exploded, wounding 65 people and damaging many buildings in the city of Manchester.



The first bomb to explode was inside a car that was parked at Parsonage Gardens in the commercial district of the city. The car bomb was behind a House of Fraser shop.(OpenStreetMap 53.48269°N 2.248658°W / 53.48269; -2.248658) The car bomb exploded at 0840 UTC. The bombing in Parsonage Gardens injured six people. The second bomb exploded on Cateaton Street between a market and Manchester Cathedral (OpenStreetMap 53.48454°N 2.244714°W / 53.48454; -2.244714) at 10:05, and wounded 58 people. Many buildings were damaged in the bombings. The total wounded in the blasts was 65. A phone call was made after the bombings claiming more devices were in the city but the police did not find any bombs.


The Provisional IRA claimed responsibility for the bombing the next day.


1992 Manchester bombing Wikipedia

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