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1992 Dutch TT

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Date  27 June 1992
Rider  Eddie Lawson
Rider  Juan Garriga
Location  Assen
Time  2:03.675
1992 Dutch TT
Course  Permanent racing facility 6.049 km (3.759 mi)

The 1992 Dutch TT was the eighth round of the 1992 Grand Prix motorcycle racing season. It took place on the weekend of 25–27 June 1992 at the TT Circuit Assen located in Assen, Netherlands.

500 cc race report

Wayne Rainey couldn’t complete practice because of his injured wrist and ankle, and team manager Kenny Roberts wouldn’t let him ride with pain medication, so Rainey left Assen.

Mick Doohan crashed during the first qualifying, and suffered a double-fracture of the right leg; complications from the injury would keep him from racing until Brazil. Wayne Gardner also crashed and suffered a concussion. Randy Mamola, Kevin Schwantz and Niall Mackenzie also crashed pre-race but all took the start.

Eddie Lawson has been setting fast lap times, and was favored to win.

Schwantz got the lead at the start, then Lawson and Alex Barros; John Kocinski was down the field with a bad start.

Doug Chandler joined the 3 at the front, but crasheed out. Juan Garriga and Àlex Crivillé battled for 4th.

Lawson stalking Schwantz, but couldn't get past him. On the 7th lap, Lawson tried to pass Schwantz on the straight but couldn't clear the Suzuki, so Lawson stayed on the inside and attempted a block pass, but Schwantz was committed on a wide line and it was a game of chicken where neither backed down. Schwantz came across the front of Lawson and Lawson touched Schwantz’ back tire, just enough to make it hop and bring the Suzuki down. It was poetic justice for Lawson as Schwantz’ bike fell in front of him and he couldn't avoid hitting it and crashed. Schwantz went into some reinforced bales and Lawson tumbled hard into a ditch, but Lawson was able to walk away while Schwantz had to be carried off with a broken arm.

Barros was now in the lead, but Garriga and Crivillé have caught him. Kocinski back a ways in 4th.

Crivillé and Barros exchanged the lead. Garriga made a mistake and Kocinski moved into 3rd. He then caught Crivillé they go at it.

Barros made a small mistake and dropped back to 4th. Kocinski was now at the head of the quartet.

Crivillé got to the front and Barros to 2nd, but Kocinski took 2nd before the line. This was Crivillé’s first 500 win, and in his premier-class rookie season.

Schwantz: "As far as the accident goes, I say it's his fault, he says it's my fault. We'll argue about that until both of our racing days and probably our days in general are over, it'll be an argument between Eddie and myself. It is the same with everybody, if you look at it biased one way or the other, that is the way you are going to see it. I was in front, that's my only argument, I didn't know where he was. I sure as hell didn't know he was coming up the inside."


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