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1991 in Swedish football

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1991 in Swedish football

The 1991 season in Swedish football, starting January 1991 and ending December 1991:



The 1991 and 1992 seasons of the Swedish national leagues were played using a very unusual and complicated system involving separate leagues for spring and autumn, where teams playing at different levels during the spring could be playing in the same league during the autumn. It was even possible for a team playing in the third level (Division 2) at the start of the season to gain promotion to the first level (Allsvenskan) for the start of the next season. The footnotes linked at top of each league table and play-off round gives a full explanation of the promotion and relegation rules for the league or play-off in question.

Allsvenskan qualification play-off 1991

1st round
2nd round
3rd round

Division 1 promotion play-off 1991

1st round
2nd round

Svenska Cupen 1990–91


Svenska Cupen 1991



1991 in Swedish football Wikipedia

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