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1991 Libertarian National Convention

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Date(s)  August 29–31, 1991
Presidential nominee  Andre Marrou of Alaska
City  Chicago Illinois
Vice Presidential nominee  Nancy Lord of Nevada
1991 Libertarian National Convention
Other candidates  Richard Boddie of California

The 1991 Libertarian National Convention was held in Chicago, Illinois from August 29 to August 31, 1991. Andre Marrou of Alaska was chosen as the Libertarian Party's nominee for President of the United States in the 1992 election.


Libertarians hold a National Convention every two years to vote on party bylaws, platform and resolutions and elect national party officers and a judicial committee. Every four years it nominates presidential and vice presidential candidates.

First ballot

Andre Marrou was elected on the first ballot, gathering a majority of the voting delegates, securing nomination.

Voting for vice presidential nomination

A separate vote was held for the vice presidential nomination. Nancy Lord was nominated on the third ballot.

Second ballot

After the second ballot, Ruwart dropped out of the race.

Third ballot

Nancy Lord defeated Richard Boddie on the third ballot, securing the Libertarian Party nomination for Vice President.


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