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1991 Kalabahi earthquakes

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Origin time  11:43 UTC
Depth  33.3 km (20.7 mi)
Magnitude  6.9 Mw
Casualties  23 fatalities
1991 Kalabahi earthquakes
Date  July 4, 1991 (1991-07-04)

Striking the sea adjacent to Timor on July 4, the 1991 Kalabahi earthquakes left twenty three people dead and injured 181. Taking place about two-and-a-half seconds apart, the earthquakes measured 6.9 on the Richter magnitude scale.



Kalabahi was the epicenter of the earthquake, 2,000 kilometres (1,243 mi) east from Jakarta, the Indonesian capital. With a calculated depth of 33.3 kilometres (21 mi), the earthquake was in the ocean between the Timor and Alor islands.

Damage and casualties

The earthquake struck Timor with a magnitude of 6.9. The earthquake, which spawned fatalities on Alor alone, caused 181 injuries. Destroying 1,150 buildings, the earthquake left at least 5,400 civilians homeless.

Damage by the epicenter was estimated at 1991 USD $7,700,000.


1991 Kalabahi earthquakes Wikipedia

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