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1991 FIBA Centennial Jubilee Basketball Tournament

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1991 FIBA Centennial Jubilee Basketball Tournament

The 1991 FIBA Centennial Jubilee Basketball Tournament was the special edition tournament of the Acropolis International Basketball Tournament that was organized jointly by FIBA Europe and the Hellenic Basketball Federation to commemorate the 100 year anniversary of the sport of basketball. The tournament was held from June 5 to June 9, 1991, at the SEF Indoor Hall in Piraeus, Greece. The tournament was won by Italy, with Greece finishing in second place.


The Jubilee also included a FIBA Festival All-Star Game, which was divided up into a Balkans versus the rest of Europe format. The Balkans won the all-star game, which took place on 8 June 1991, by a score of 103–102. The tournament is not counted officially with the other 27 Acropolis International Tournaments, because it was not solely organized by the Hellenic Basketball Federation.

Participating teams

  •  France
  •  Greece
  •  Italy
  •  Soviet Union
  •  Spain
  •  Yugoslavia
  • The Balkans versus The Rest of Europe

    In the FIBA Festival All-Star Game, the Balkans took on a FIBA European Selection from the rest of Europe. The Balkans won the game, by a score of 103–102. Nikos Galis, of The Balkans Team, was the game's top scorer, with 20 points, while Jure Zdovc hit the game's winning shot.

    "The Rest of Europe" team consisted of:

  • Epi
  • Jordi Villacampa
  • Antonio Martín
  • Antonello Riva
  • Walter Magnifico
  • Roberto Brunamonti
  • Richard Dacoury
  • Stéphane Ostrowski
  • Philip Szanyiel
  • Sergei Bazarevich
  • Igors Miglinieks
  • Andrejs Bondarenko
  • Coach: Sandro Gamba
  • "The Balkans Team" consisted of:

  • Toni Kukoč
  • Dino Radja
  • Žarko Paspalj
  • Jure Zdovc
  • Zoran Savić
  • Nikos Galis
  • Panagiotis Giannakis
  • Panagiotis Fasoulas
  • Fanis Christodoulou
  • Georgi Glouchkov
  • Coach: Kostas Politis
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