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1985 El Descanso bombing

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Non-fatal injuries  82
Date  12 April 1985
Perpetrator  Al-Qaeda
Location  Madrid, Spain
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Attack type  Terrorist attack with explosives
Deaths  18 people including 11 American servicemen
Assailant  Mustafa Setmariam Nasar

1985 el descanso bombing

The 1985 El Descanso bombing was a bomb attack on the property of the El Descanso restaurant in Madrid, Spain, late on April 12, 1985. The explosion killed 18 people and injured 82 others, including 11 American servicemen, who were believed to be the target of the attack. American servicemen who worked at nearby Torrejón Air Base frequented the restaurant.



Spanish Interior Minister José Barrionuevo held the Islamic Jihad Organization responsible for the bombing. However, the case was closed in 1987 due to a lack of arrests. In 2005, Spain requested the alleged Al-Qaeda operative and writer Mustafa Setmariam Nasar's extradition from Pakistan for his role in the bombing.


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