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1985 Chilean telethon

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1985 Chilean telethon
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The 1985 Chilean telethon was the sixth version of the solidarity campaign conducted in Chile, which took place on the 6th and 7th of December, 1985. The theme of this version was "The Miracle of All." The poster boy was Victor Munoz.


It was a difficult year for the Telethon's Institute and Foundation, due to the 2-year absence of the Telethon (1983 and 1984) and the earthquake that struck the central region (7.6 on the Richter scale). This was the year when Don Francisco formally launched the spin-off disaster relief telethon Chile helps Chile in response to this, and called on the nation to exert its efforts towards rebuilding Valparaiso Province and the Santiago Metropolitan Region.

Even with these difficulties, the Telethon was performed in the same style, with a surprising result of: $ 368,495,845.

TVN, state television, condemned the actions of Los Prisioneros during this telethon, since the group was openly opposed to the military regime. (It is thought because of this 17 years later (2002), the same group criticized the event for its closure, saying the event was allegedly used to financially benefit sponsoring companies and presenters, words that were considered offensive to the organizers of the Telethon itself)


  • Ginette Acevedo
  • Antonio Prieto
  • Zalo Reyes
  • Miguel Piñera
  • Luis Dimas
  • Frecuencia Mod
  • Peter Rock
  • Pachuco y la Cubanacán
  • Cristóbal
  • Claudia Muñoz
  • Alberto Plaza
  • Los Prisioneros
  • Sol y Medianoche
  • Irene Llano
  • Miguelo
  • Giolito y Su Combo
  • Patricio Renán
  • Sonora Palacios
  • Sergio Lillo
  • Jorge Rigó
  • Lucho Muñoz
  • Luz Eliana
  • Los Huasos Quincheros
  • José Alfredo Fuentes
  • Fernando Ubiergo
  • International Artistes

  • Nicola Di Bari
  • Alejandro Jaén
  • Charytin Goyco
  • Bravo
  • Rubén Juárez
  • Hernaldo Zúñiga
  • Emilio José
  • Orlando Netti
  • G.I.T.
  • Alejandro Lerner
  • Juan Carlos Baglietto
  • Aldone
  • Leonardo Favio
  • Isadora
  • Roque Narvaja
  • Frank Victory
  • La Pequeña Compañía
  • Armando Manzanero
  • León Gieco
  • Gervasio
  • Sandra Mihanovich
  • Manuela Bravo
  • Comedians

  • Jorge Romero "Firulete"
  • Don Goyo
  • La Desideria
  • El Fatiga
  • Mandolino
  • Hermanos Campos
  • Mino Valdez and company
  • Los Eguiguren
  • Checho Hirane
  • Ruperto
  • Hugo Varela
  • Los Jaujarana
  • Jappening con Ja
  • Coco Legrand
  • Magazine

  • Maitén Montenegro, showwoman
  • Enrique González, magician
  • Raúl Di Blasio, pianist
  • National Folklorical Dance
  • In Adult Section

  • Maggie Lay
  • Maripepa Nieto
  • Beatriz Alegret
  • Cristina Tocco
  • Transmission

  • Telenorte
  • UCV Televisión
  • Televisión Nacional de Chile
  • Universidad de Chile Televisión
  • Universidad Católica de Chile Televisión
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