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1983 Biga earthquake

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Magnitude  6.1 Ms
Areas affected  Turkey Biga
Casualties  5 killed
Depth  10
Landslides  Yes
1983 Biga earthquake
Date  5 July 1983 (1983-07-05)

The 1983 Biga earthquake hit northwestern Turkey on 5 July 1983. Responsible for five deaths and approximately twenty-six casualties throughout Biga and Erdek and damage in Istanbul, the earthquake measured 6.1 on the surface wave magnitude scale. It shook places as far away as eastern Greece. The United States Geological Survey listed the earthquake among the "Significant Earthquakes of the World" for 1983.


The Biga Peninsula is an area marked by active faults including strike-slip movement and en echelon divergent basins.

The earthquake was preceded by a foreshock nearly a year prior, and was followed by aftershock clusters.


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