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1981 NFL season

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AFC Champions  Cincinnati Bengals
Champions  San Francisco 49ers
Champion  San Francisco 49ers
NFC Champions  San Francisco 49ers
Site  Aloha Stadium
Start date  1981
1981 NFL season httpsiytimgcomvil04Ruakh14hqdefaultjpg
Duration  September 6 – December 21, 1981
Site  Pontiac Silverdome, Pontiac, Michigan
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The 1981 NFL season was the 62nd regular season of the National Football League. The season ended with Super Bowl XVI when the San Francisco 49ers defeated the Cincinnati Bengals 26-21 at the Pontiac Silverdome in Michigan.


Major rule changes

  • It is illegal for any player to put adhesive or slippery substances such as the product "stickum" on his body, equipment or uniform. This rule is known as both the "Lester Hayes Rule" and the "Fred Biletnikoff Rule" since both players were notorious for using sticky substances to make it easier for them to intercept/catch passes.
  • An offensive player who comes into the game wearing an illegal number for the position he takes must report to the Referee before the start of the next play.
  • The penalty for an ineligible receiver who touches a forward pass is a loss of down.
  • The penalty for illegal use of hands, arms, or body (including holding) is reduced from 15 yards to 10 yards.
  • The penalty for intentional grounding is modified: loss of down and 10 yards penalty from the previous spot, or if the foul occurs more than 10 yards from the line of scrimmage, loss of down at the spot of the foul.
  • Final standings

    W = Wins, L = Losses, T = Ties, PCT = Winning Percentage, PF= Points For, PA = Points Against


  • Baltimore finished ahead of New England in the AFC East based on head-to-head sweep (2–0).
  • San Diego finished ahead of Denver in the AFC West based on better division record (6–2 to Broncos' 5–3).
  • Buffalo was the second AFC Wild Card based on head-to-head victory over Denver (1–0).
  • Detroit finished ahead of Green Bay in the NFC Central based on better record against common opponents (5–5 to Packers' 4–6).
  • Playoffs

    * Indicates overtime victory

    Records Set

  • Most Passes Attempted, Season, 709
  • Minnesota Vikings
  • Most Punts, Season, 114
  • Chicago Bears
  • Most Yards, Punt Returns, Both Teams, Game, 282
  • Los Angeles Rams (219) vs Atlanta Falcons (63), Oct 11, 1981

    Records Tied

  • Most Touchdowns, Passing, Single Team, Game, 7
  • San Diego Chargers (vs Oakland Raiders) Nov 22, 1981
  • Most Touchdowns, Punt Returns, Single Team, Game, 2
  • Los Angeles Rams (vs Atlanta Falcons) Oct 11, 1981

    Baltimore Colts Defense

    The 1981 Baltimore Colts were one of the worst defenses in NFL history; they set five dubious defensive records:

  • Most Points Allowed, Season, 533
  • Most Touchdowns Allowed, Season, 68
  • Most First Downs Allowed Season, 406
  • Most Yards Allowed, Season, 6,793
  • Fewest Punt Returns, Season, 12
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