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1981–82 Biathlon World Cup

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1981–82 Biathlon World Cup

The 1981–82 Biathlon World Cup was a multi-race tournament over a season of biathlon, organised by the UIPMB (Union Internationale de Pentathlon Moderne et Biathlon). The season started on 14 January 1982 in Egg am Etzel, Switzerland, and ended on 7 March 1982 in Lahti, Finland. It was the fifth season of the Biathlon World Cup, and it was only held for men.



Below is the World Cup calendar for the 1981–82 season.

*The relays were technically unofficial races as they did not count towards anything in the World Cup.


First World Cup career victory
  •  Svein Engen (NOR), 28, in his 5th season — the WC 1 Individual in Egg am Etzel; first podium was 1977–78 Individual in Sodankylä
  •  Andreas Göthel (GDR), 23, in his 1st season — the WC 2 Individual in Antholz-Anterselva; it also was his first podium
  •  Matthias Jacob (GDR), 21, in his 3rd season — the WC 3 Sprint in Ruhpolding; first podium was 1979–80 Individual in Ruhpolding
  • First World Cup podium
  •  Walter Pichler (FRG), 22, in his 1st season — no. 2 in the WC 1 Individual in Egg am Etzel
  •  Viktor Bulygin (URS), in his 1st season — no. 2 in the WC 3 Individual in Ruhpolding
  •  Taipio Piipponen (FIN), 24, in his 3rd season — no. 2 in the WC 3 Sprint in Ruhpolding
  • Victory in this World Cup (all-time number of victories in parentheses)
  •  Frank Ullrich (GDR), 4 (14) first places
  •  Matthias Jacob (GDR), 2 (2) first places
  •  Eirik Kvalfoss (NOR), 1 (3) first places
  •  Svein Engen (NOR), 1 (1) first places
  •  Andreas Göthel (GDR), 1 (1) first places
  •  Kjell Søbak (NOR), 1 (2) first places
  • Retirements

    Following notable biathletes retired after the 1981–82 season:

  •  Heikki Ikola (FIN)
  • References

    1981–82 Biathlon World Cup Wikipedia

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